Shannon Sharpe slams Cowboys after signing CB Stephon Gilmore

Former NFL tight end and current sports analyst Shannon Sharpe has never been one to hold back his opinions. Recently, Sharpe took aim at the Dallas Cowboys after they signed cornerback Stephon Gilmore. As a highly respected voice in the sports world, Sharpe’s criticism is sure to make waves. But is he right? Let’s take a closer look.

The current state of affairs for the Dallas Cowboys is intriguing as the organization undergoes significant alterations to its roster. Of particular note is the recent addition of Stephon Gilmore, whose acquisition by way of trade garnered considerable attention.

What did Shannon Sharpe say about the Cowboys?

“I believe [Stephon Gilmore] will help your defense. But guess what, you’re gonna probably lose 12 to nine. You will probably lose 10 to seven because your quarterback, despite missing five games, was top of the league in interceptions. So, in other words, turnovers are in his DNA. He had three pick sixes..,” he said.

He continued, likening the team’s management to a family ignoring a hole in their roof:

“When are you going to fix that weakness? Your roof is leaking. Why [do] you keep buying a washer and dryer…? The Cowboys keep addressing the issues that weren’t the problem. Defense wasn’t the issue, they still have Dak.”

Despite varying viewpoints on Prescott’s abilities, Sharpe’s commentary raises valid concerns. Though the defense is expected to perform admirably in the upcoming season, questions remain regarding the receiver corps beyond CeeDee Lamb. Furthermore, the release of Ezekiel Elliott leaves the team in need of another running back.

How might the Cowboys address their shortcomings?

Shannon Sharpe

Numerous speculations regarding the organization’s tactics to bolster their offense have circulated throughout the league, including rumors of a potential trade for DeAndre Hopkins and the availability of skilled running backs in the upcoming NFL Draft. Yet, the team has yet to implement any modifications to improve their offense, a fact that Sharpe finds troubling.

Nevertheless, it is highly probable that the Cowboys will take steps to address their offensive shortcomings. Should this occur, Sharpe may very well modify his position on the matter.

In the end, whether you agree with Shannon Sharpe’s assessment of the Dallas Cowboys’ decision to sign Stephon Gilmore or not, one thing is certain: his comments have sparked a conversation. As fans and analysts alike debate the merits of the move, it’s clear that the Cowboys will continue to be a topic of discussion in the weeks and months to come. 

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