Ex-Bucks star Brandon Jennings slams Ja Morant’s critiques saying “I think it’s jealousy He is young he is black, he is making a lot of money”

Celebrity athletes are constantly under the public eye, and their every action is scrutinized by the media and fans alike. The recent controversy surrounding Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies’ star point guard, is a prime example of the scrutiny that players face.

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies’ star point guard, is currently out of the team, after attending a counseling program following his Instagram live fiasco where he waved a gun. He also shared questionable photos on social media.

While the NBA community anticipates his return, his absence continues to draw criticism from various quarters, with some speculating that his endorsements are in jeopardy. However, former Milwaukee Bucks player Brandon Jennings believes that Ja’s predicament is a case of jealousy.

The Situation of Ja Morant: A Case of Jealousy or Not?

According to Jennings, the 23-year-old player’s age, race, and income could be the reasons why some people in the NBA community are criticizing him. He believes that people are envious of Ja’s success.

Jennings believes the media is constantly searching for new angles to Ja’s story, trying to uncover any past transgressions. “They [media] are always trying to find something, so they are just going to nick and pick now. I think it’s just nicking and picking now.”  Jennings said on the most recent episode of Gil’s Arena.

However, no official charges have been made against him, and Jennings argues that the media is picking on him, trying to find faults where there are none.

The situation with Ja Morant highlights the need for players to be mindful of their image, especially since they are constantly under public scrutiny. Jennings acknowledged that while Ja had not committed any punishable offenses in the state where he was filmed, his recent actions could be detrimental to his reputation and brand image.

Ja’s situation is made more complicated by the fact that he is a young player who has not yet established himself fully in the league. With his endorsements and brand image on the line, it is crucial for Ja to work on his public image and avoid any actions that could tarnish it.


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