Warriors’ Draymond Green’s reckless throw at Russell Westbrook leads to suspension as he faces punishment for on-court outburst vs Clippers

Draymond has recently gained notoriety for his on-court conduct rather than his playing abilities. With regard to his on-court outburst against the Clippers, Draymond Green of the Warriors was suspended for his careless toss toward Russell Westbrook.

This QB has played for the Warriors for 11 seasons, averaging 8.7 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 5.6 assists in 747 games, has four NBA titles to go along with his one Defensive Player of the Year award, also has been picked to play in 4 All-Star games. 

Why was Draymond Green suspended?

In the second quarter of Wednesday’s game against the Clippers, Green seems to hurl the ball toward Russell Westbrook’s head after grabbing it in response to a jumper by Clippers big man Ivica Zubac. As a result, Green has assessed a technical foul for the 16th time this season, which carries a one-game penalty.

Following in the footsteps of rival Memphis Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks, Green became the second NBA player to receive an automatic one-game suspension for receiving a 16th technical foul.

The Warriors’ battle to make the playoffs has gotten considerably harder because they are already playing without Andrew Wiggins, Gary Payton II, and Andre Iguodala. With so many players already missing out, the Warriors now will also be without Draymond Green on Friday night while they play against the Hawks. The team’s coach issued a statement denouncing Green’s behavior and expressing disappointment.

“I’ve never said one word to Draymond, and he’s never gone over the limit,” Kerr said. “He always comes right up to the edge and then he stops. He knows how valuable he is, I don’t have to say anything to him. He knows that he can’t get that next one, we need him.”

Green has been a part of such occurrences in the past as well. On the court, he is known for being an intense and passionate player, however, occasionally his feelings overpower him.

In a prior game this season, Warriors forward Draymond Green played the most disrespectful defense imaginable, which left Westbrook utterly undefended, yet, this center said, it was part of their strategy.

“We went through it this morning at shootaround, and tried to get everybody to grasp the concept,” Green said. “It’s very easy when a guy is sagging off like that, that you just rotate to him. We didn’t want to do it. The game plan worked for us tonight; we got Russ to miss some shots.”

However, Green’s upcoming absence coincides with a very unfavorable period for Golden State.



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