Shannon Sharpe states Pippen Jr needs to request trade after Lakers signs Malik Beasley who reportedly had sexual relation with Scotty’s mom

The sports industry is the most enjoyable industry ever. But sometimes it has some dark side that never should be revealed. Shanon stated something to Pippen Jr. for his betterment and mental satisfaction.

Malik Beasley was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers from the Utah Jazz on Wednesday. As per sports commentator Shannon Sharpe, Scotty Pippen Jr. should desire to be traded out of Los Angeles since Michael Beasley dated Larsa Pippen in the past.

Shanon stated, “If I’m Scotty Pippen Jr., I want a trade,” he said. “Malik Beasley coming to my team, I got to go. I’ma fight it.”

Despite the fact that Beasley and the older Pippen were last spotted together in 2020, the fact that their connection didn’t appear to last very long might potentially cause friction between the new teammates.

The Lakers would definitely choose Beasley over the younger Pippen if they had to make a choice between the two.

Beasley’s shooting splits are down, but he has shown the capacity to be a good shooter at various periods in his NBA career, and he is still averaging 13.4 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 1.7 assists per game this season.

There is a good chance that Beasley will start as a shooting guard for the Lakers.

The junior Pippen has seen action in just six NBA games thus far. On average, he has played 5.3 minutes per game and contributed 2.3 points in his six outings.

Sharpe may have high praise for the young baller, but it’s doubtful that Pippen Junior would want to be traded. After all, he is quite unlikely to feel anything other than thankful for the opportunity to be on the team’s roster at this stage in his career.

Given that he is an undrafted rookie, it would be particularly stunning.

It would be fascinating to watch if the Lakers make any more changes in the closing hours of the pre-trade deadline market now that Beasley has joined Russell and fellow newcomer Jarred Vanderbilt on the Lakers roster.

This trade has undoubtedly strengthened the team. There is no denying that the Lakers would benefit greatly from making another trade or two to acquire even more quality in order to better compete in the Western Conference.



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