Shaquille O’Neal details his remarkable weight loss experience after having difficulty ascending staircases

Shaquille O’Neal is surely one of the most popular personalities in the world. Ever since he retired his popularity has only grown. He is known to be a big man ever since his playing days in the NBA. But after he retired he gained quite a amount of weight, recently The NBA legend, now 51, revealed that he has been working out to stay fit and has lost about 55 pounds.

Shaq has achieved a lot in the NBA and has cemented himself as a legend of the sport. The Naismith Hall of Famer is a 4 time NBA champion and a staggering 15-time NBA All-Star. The Big Fella also established himself outside of the basketball scene after venturing into different businesses after retirement. His exploits as an investor and one of the richest men in the Stat

Shaquille O’Neal lost 55 pounds in weight loss journey

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shaq revealed he lost 55 lbs and is planning to lose more. He plans to achieve a “twelve pack”, referring to the number of abs he wants. Shaq Diesel admitted that he’s now down to 351 lbs and wants his weight to keep dropping. During the interview, he can be heard saying, “I’m probably gonna get between 315 and 330.”

He joked during the interview and said, “I’ve got a five-pack now so I’ve got seven more packs to go because I want to take my shirt off on Instagram.” As for his decision to have this sudden weight loss program, he informed me that he was getting very chubby to the point that it was getting a little troublesome to walk up the stairs. He did not like the way he looked in the mirror and decided to lose 20 lbs and the plan continued after that.

Watch: Shaquille O’Neal shows off his incredible weight loss

Shaq recently posted a reel on his Instagram where he can be seen flexing his newly toned-down body. He can be seen dancing a bit to a dubstep and moving his body to show his incredible weight loss. Shaquille O’Neal outdid himself this time with his weight loss plan as it is very common for people to ignore increasing weight until they become obese.

Shaquille O'Neal

During the interview, Shaquille O’Neal also talked about his son and the latest music he released. Upon being asked what it means to him, Shaq replied, “ It means that he is following his dream.” Shaq even joked about how he is bald and he envies his son having sexier hair than him.

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