Shaquille O’Neal once threatened to punch Scottie Pippen for slandering Michael Jordan

Ever since the release of “The Last Dance” Netflix series – a documentary series about the glorious Bulls Dynasty that won six championships between 1991 and 1998 – the relationship between Hall of famers Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan has been tumultuous. Although Jordan had praised Pippen saying that he was a very valuable teammate, Pippen has taken the lack of credit he allegedly received as an insult.

Pippen’s constant slander of Michael Jordan has drawn heat from many basketball fans and has angered them. His comments about Jordan have not only pissed off fans but also many NBA players. One of them is the Big Shamrock Shaquille O’ Neal.

Shaquille O’Neal once threatened to punch Scottie Pippen for his Michael Jordan slander

Shaquille O’Neal got furious after listening to Scottie Pippen say that he was better than Michael Jordan. In a state of anger, Shaq threatened Pippen saying “He didn’t say that. He never said that. If that man says that in front of me, I’mma hit him right in the esophagus. Yeah, I’mma drop him, do not finish that sentence.”

Although Shaq had every reason to be angry, his threatening Pippen with violence might not have been a good idea.

But Shaq who despite being a loving man, is known for having a hot temper, could not stop himself from threatening Pippen. Needless to say the Big man has immense respect for Michael Jordan.

What did Scottie Pippen actually say about Michael Jordan?

In his memoir “Unguarded,” Scottie Pippen said that he always had his teammates back whereas Jordan was harsh on them. He said that they had won six rings despite Jordan’s strict no-nonsense attitude.

According to Scottie Pippen, he was a better teammate and not a better player than Michael Jordan. As mentioned in his memoir written by Michael Arkush, Pippen said, “Michael was wrong. We didn’t win six championships because he got on guys. We won in spite of his getting on guy.”

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen
Michael Jordan (L) and Scottie Pippen (R) of the Chicago Bulls (via AFP)

“We won because we played team basketball, which hadn’t been the case my first two seasons when Doug Collins was our coach. That’s what was special about playing for the Bulls: the camaraderie we established with one another, not that we felt blessed to be on the same team with the immortal Michael Jordan. I was a much better teammate than Michael ever was. Ask anyone who played with the two of us. I was always there with a pat on the back or an encouraging word, especially after he put someone down for one reason or another. I helped the others to believe in and stop doubting themselves.”

Pippen has also chosen “The King” Lebron James over Michael Jordan in the GOAT debate saying that LeBron has won championships with lesser help than Jordan.

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