Should I Play ETH Casino Games on RocketPot?

A gambling story is told of an ox farmer that bought an ox for $500. On the morning of delivering the ox to the farmer, the ox died, and the farmer demanded a refund. Unfortunately, the seller had used some of the money and had only $100 left. So the farmer asked the seller to withhold the $400 and he would then take the $100 and the dead ox. The seller was surprised at what good would come out of a dead ox. 

”I will raffle it off” said the farmer. 

These words surprised the seller even more but he decided to go with the deal. A month later the seller wanted to know what became of the dead ox and the farmer told him how he raffled 500 tickets off the ox for $20 each. The farmer made a total profit of $10,000 from the initiative. 

“Did anyone complain?’ asked the seller. “None complained except for the guy that won.”The guy who won got refunded his $20.

There is no Casino without an interesting gambling story behind it. The best thing about great Casinos is they churn out hundreds of thousands of such experiences from what they do. Do you want to live a great gambling experience and tell it to people, Play ETH Casino games on the world’s most popular crypto gambling site, RocketPot.

RocketPot prides itself as a disruptive casino. It runs on the blockchain and allows players to deposit or withdraw in Bitcoin or Ethereum. The platform features a community of diverse players from all walks of life. “We came here to make our gambling story count” says a user we interviewed. Another thing that stands out about playing ETH casino games on RocketPot is the presence of professional live dealers. This is a game but the presence of the dealers makes it feel like you are experiencing a real-life casino. Just that you are now experiencing it from the comfort of your device. 

The platform has managed to build a portfolio of 56 reputable gaming providers. These providers have taken it upon themselves to build an unforgettable and real-life experience. The casino’s aim is for anyone to walk in as a bad gambler and walk out as the greatest gambler to ever walk on earth. Delivering a great gaming platform is not their only ideal. The team behind the platform feels the need to promote a culture of responsible gambling. There is a mental orientation attached to gambling. The role of great casinos is to promote a mental relationship between users and gambling

The RocketPot live casino has over 400+ live tables. This is an excellent selection and it means you will never go an hour without a game to employ. All of the games are entertaining, hence allowing you to have fun and earn at the same time. Nearly all Ethereum Live Casinos offer an immersive experience with their realistic UX interface. RocketPot takes this notch a bit higher by delivering a smooth user-friendly dashboard with all pieces in the right place. Users of any level have no doubt about enjoying the gambling site. You can play with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

Advantages of Playing ETH Casino Games on RocketPot

  • Plenty of live games to choose from -RocketPot delivers a wide selection of live table games. The number is already 400 and growing. Besides, the live table games, you will also choose from over 4,000 games in other cartegories. 
  • Rocketpot is legitimate – Check online for reviews on the legitimacy of the platform. You will find many positive reviews about the site as the best Ethereum gambling site in 2022.
  • Active community – The platform has built a growing community of gamblers over the years. Most of them are active on the platform and read to offer support to newbies. 
  • Security and Authentication features – RocketPot has a 2FA feature from Google for preventing cyber criminal attacks and protecting user accounts from unauthorised logins. 
  • Helpful and reliable customer support – The platform has a real time customer support that’s ready to help 24/7.
  • Multiple payment options from crypto to fiat – Rocketpot processes deposits and payouts in a number of cryptos BTC,ETH, LTC, BNB, USDT, NEO, XRP, USDT. Besides crypto, you can use your preferred method between Visa and Mastercard.

How do you choose a suitable Ethereum Casino?

  • Available payment options – Check out the payment methods and ensure you can access the options it supports. Playing on cryptocurrency casinos ensures you have the advantage of decentralized finance. Non censorship or chances of being unable to withdraw your payouts. Choose a mode of payment convenient to you. 
  • Whether it is supported in your country – You cannot play on a casino that is not supported in your country. Plus you risk being in the wrong side of the law. 
  • Whether it has proper licensing Identify a reputable casino with all the proper licensing and auditing. RocketPot ETH live casino has its licensing from the Curacao gaming authority. 
  • What security features does it have? – Consider the risk factor of losing your funds to cyber attacks and what each gambling site is doing to prevent such occurences. Look at the security features in place and whether they are enough to keep your funds safe. 

What is your favourite gambling story? 

You might not have a gambling story but you have the chance to make one. The benefits of playing ETH casino games makes this easier for you. This is the time to turn those tables and make the best out of the most popular BTC casino. RocketPot brings you the robustness, convenience and privacy of a fully modern gambling casino. 


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