YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI officially shuts down Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao tag team rumors

A potential tag team boxing match featuring Floyd Mayweather and KSI against Manny Pacquiao and Salt Papi has been the subject of discussion. However, in a recent video, KSI has dismissed the possibility of such a grand showdown taking place.

The possibility of a matchup between Floyd, KSI, Manny, and Papi has generated excitement among boxing fans. However, there are also concerns because such a bout would be unprecedented in the boxing world.

What did KSI say about the tag team match?

A fan-made graphic that Happy Punch posted on Twitter caused a stir regarding the tag team boxing match. Knowing something that significant, boxing fans and followers of KSI and Salt Papi went crazy. 

Misfits, KSI’s boxing promotion, is already well-known among the younger generation for setting up fights amongst internet personalities. A bout between the online sensation Salt Papi and The Boogeyman earlier at the Misfits Boxing 4 event in January at the Wembley Arena in London generated significant interest.

Hence considering the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s previous history of making such bizarre matchups for profitable boxing bouts, initially, it seemed quite okay to be a reality. However, KSI himself in one of his videos addressed the issue and said it is not going to be happening. 

“It’s not happening. I’m gonna dead it now. It’s not happening, and we’ll leave it at that.” said KSI.

KSI last fought in January 14 and it was yet another battle between two internet influencers on the main card of The Misfits Boxing 4. FaZe Temperrr was the opponent during KSI’s sixth match as a professional boxer. KSI is now looking forward to finalizing his next ring opponent.

Considering influencer boxing is the new trend, so chances are high that there will be many more tag team boxing matches like this one. KSI as an icon for taking the influencer boxing to the whole new level will surely play a vital role in that.

What do you think about the prospect of this influencer tag team boxing match becoming a lucrative endeavor in the future?


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