Conor McGregor’s bizarre photo caption urging fans to ‘Moan’ sees mockery from UFC Community

Conor McGregor the “Lover of Wolves”, simply can’t seem to avoid making headlines. Due to injury, he hasn’t competed in the octagon for almost two years, yet he continues to make headlines in some capacity every day. This time, the Irish UFC superstar published a tweet with a peculiar caption that caught everyone’s attention.

McGregor is pictured in front of his bathroom mirror in the tweeted image. Conor appears to be doing a mirror selfie. The MMA superstar uploaded the picture with a very bizarre caption.

“I smell so good you moan a little if I hug you.”

How did UFC fans respond to Conor McGregor’s bizarre caption?

Unquestionably, Conor ranks among the finest fighters in UFC history. He has gained a huge fan base over time. But this time, the tweet’s caption turned a lot of his followers crazy since it was so disturbing. Below are some responses to Conor’s bizarre caption.

“You are going to be stiff…gonna get slept.” said Berkan. 

An Irish fan of Conor named Jasmine Sinclair said, “GOAT, i moaned a little after reading that and lookinn at the picture.” 

“Now turn the lights all the way up and step out of the shadowing.” said Madlab.

Another user took it too seriously as it seems. “Honestly Conor! I would only moan sexually for you. You’re an absolutely incredible human being who i dribble for. Can’t wait to see you back out there in your shorts.”

Someone also said, “I moan when you tweet bro.”

Zach Major tool a jab at The Notorious with his “Weird flex but okay” comment.

Reggie was being hilarious as he commented, “Smell of insecurity and metal plates.”

“And in first place in todays really weird tweets of the day is……” said Benjamin Knibb.

Amidst all the funny comments, a true fan of the former two-division champion made a proper comment by wishing Conor to be back in his glorious days.

“Conor, I’m a huge fan and would love to see you back to how you were when in your prime. Mad respect for everything you achieved but we wanna see you dominate fights again.” Anthony Flynn commented.

Justin Lee made another hilarious one saying, “Don’t feel special. Watermelon makes me do that too.”

Atticus Finch is low key scared of Conor’s picture as his girlfriend is apparently a Twitter user too.

“Conor please. My girl is on this app” said Finch.


The tweet has over 32,000 likes and over 2,000 retweets as of right now. How do you feel about Conor’s caption? Do not forget to share your opinion with us jn the comments section. 

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