Who is Antonio Gates Wife Sasha Dindayal? Love life explored

Antonio Gates is a veteran football player who was a tight end for the Los Angeles Chargers. The star’s entire career statistics are filled with enviable accomplishments which made him a living legend of the game. The man holds a record number of touchdown receptions in the entire NFL history.

Besides a blessed career, the 42 years old is grateful to the destiny for getting someone very special to walk the roads of life. And that is his dear wife who is doing best to add more thrills to his life.

So, without wasting the time, let’s gather more information regarding Antonio Gates Wife Sasha Dindayal and their married life.

Who is Antonio Gates Wife Sasha Dindayal?

The spouse of the athlete is Sasha Dindayal. The lady is of mixed ethnicity which she inherited from her mother who is Spanish and her father who is of Indian-Chinese descent.

The star wife is 43 years old and was born on April 18, 1980, in Canada. The beauty spent her entire childhood in Canada. Later in her teenage, she moved from Los Angeles to pursue a brighter future.

And since her adolescents, she is living in this part of America and working on her dreams.

Antonio Gates Wife Profession

Antonio Gates Wife

Hall of Fame’s spouse used to stare at the models on the poster in the room all day long and think about becoming like them. This unwavering passion for the fashion industry led her to come to America and find work as a model.

Dindayal’s hard work and ravishing body soon attracted the eyes of many renowned brands and companies. And she got the opportunity to exploit her talents there and earn fame.

Besides modeling, Sasha also appeared in some reality shows with notable work in the TV industry including appearances in the show WAGS which brought her notable fame.

Sasha Dindayal holds an interest in singing too. And she is currently spending time polishing her singing talents as well.

Antonio Gates Wife Net Worth

The working lady is earning quite enough per month from her shining career. And her net worth is satisfactory while Antonio Gates net worth is around $30 million.

How many kids the couple has?

Antonio Gates Wife

Antonio Gates alone is a father of four children. But he shares only two with his wife Sasha Dindayal. The kids are Ayla Gates and Aven Gates.

Ayla is 9 years old and was born in February 2014. Additionally, Aven is 8 years old and was born in June 2015.

The remaining two children belong to him and his ex-girlfriend. Ananda Gates and Lauren Lee are the two kids he has from his previous affair.

How they got together?

The couple together has surpassed a married life of a decade which reflects their mutual bonding.

So, let’s enjoy the details of how they met and fell for each other.

  • How they met?

During the TV premiere of a show, the couple found each other. Followed by his fame, this legendary tight end always steals the limelight wherever he goes. And in such an event, they met for the first time and from there, their love moved forward.

  • How they became romantic partners?

After dating for some years, it was time to start a family and this is what they did. The couple exchanged their marriage vows on July 9, 2011.

Friends and family of the couple were present who took a bite of the delightful event and offered their blessings. And amid the excitements and thrills, their new chapter of life began.

Did Antonio Gates date someone before Sasha Dindayal?

Antonio Gates was in a relationship with Tasha White for some years before hooking up the actress. However, when he entered in an affair with Sasha, he became very weak for her.

The tight end dated the model for many years. Throughout the years, he tried his best to carry out the duties of a caring spouse to his wife. And he is very happy with her.

Sasha Dindayal relation with her husband

Sasha’s support in shaping her husband’s career over the years can’t be overlooked. Because without the touch of her comforting hand on his shoulder, the footballer would have collapsed in his epic journey.

Are they still together?

As per the latest report, they are no longer together. On February 2022, the WAGS fame filed for divorce from the NFL star. When asked about the reason behind the poignant matter, she mentioned her husband’s inability to carry out family duties.

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