‘So I definitely have to give him the nod’ Patrick Mahomes hesitant on choosing his absolute favorite athlete between LeBron James and Mike Trout

When asked who he thinks is the superior athlete outside of his own sport, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes tried to be diplomatic. Sportspeople all over the world are frequently asked about their favorite players from other sports. During an interview with GQ Sports, a fan asked Mahomes who the current best player in their respective sport is.

LeBron James, Mike Trout, and Patrick Mahomes were all mentioned in the question. It’s interesting to note that Mahomes left him out of the equation and credited James and Trout instead. Mahomes stated in the GQ Sports interview from 2020, “Taking me out of this, first off. Both these other guys have multiple MVPs, been at the top of the sport for a long time.”

After a brief moment of hesitation between LeBron James and Mike Trout, he chose the LA Lakers star as the current best player in their respective sports. “I would give it to LeBron right now, just because he has done it for longer than Mike has even though Mike has done it for a long time and is a beast on the basketball field,” Mahomes said.

Explicating about the reason why he picking James over Trout, he said, “He has been at the top of the game since he has entered the league at 18. Now, 17 years in, he’s still top of the game. So I mean definitely have to give him the nod.”

King James won the NBA Championship with the Lakers in their second season after joining them in 2018. Along the process, he also took home the MVP honor for the NBA Finals. That was his fourth NBA Championship and fourth MVP award in the Finals.

Since making his MLB debut in 2011 for the LA Angels, Mike Trout has been at the peak of his game. In his career, he also took home three AL MVP awards at the age of 31.

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