Soccer fans express concern over hosting FIFA World Cup 2026 in USA after Chiefs Super Bowl parade gun violence

The FIFA World Cup is a tournament awaited and watched by all the fans around the world. The tournament that happens once every four years is always anticipated to be a talented and cagy affair, with all the countries trying to get the better of each other.

In the very recent World Cup in 2022, when Messi’s Argentina took the trophy home and the fans got to see many outstanding matches, it seemed like the fans would be eagerly waiting for the next World Cup in 2026. But recent news has scared them, and they are already raising concerns over the host country’s safety.

Soccer fans raise safety concerns over World Cup 2026 in the USA

Recent news has seen many fans concerned about their safety in the upcoming World Cup 2026 in the USA. These concerns have started to be raised after witnessing live gunfire erupt at the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City, Missouri.

The recent viral video on Twitter displays shocking but scary scenes at the Super Bowl parade in Kansas, where multiple police officials can be seen rushing into the arena after hearing the sounds of multiple gunshots. This video has scared multiple fans and sent them in shock at the disturbing scenes in Kansas.

The concerns have become so big that the fans are already scared of attending the FIFA World Cup 2026 in the USA stadiums and are concerned about their safety if they attend it live from stadiums. These concerns are reasonable as well, since similar but scary scenarios have already happened in the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the past and it won’t take much time for history to repeat itself if the safety maintenance is not done properly.

Match in 1994 FIFA World Cup led to tragic gun violence 

The 1994 World Cup in the USA is always considered to be a tournament on both sides, as there were hopeful and good moments as well as tragic moments. The whole 1994 World Cup was a total rollercoaster for all the fans, considering the failed drug test of Maradona, the accused murder of Andres Escobar, and the missed penalty in the final.

Firstly, just before Argentina’s last group-stage match, Diego Maradona was removed from the squad after the failed drug test, and the Argentinians consequently went out of the tournament in the round of 16.

In another group stage match between the USA and Columbia, the USA won 2-1 controversially against the Columbian, which also included an own goal by Andres Escobar, who was later murdered as reported revenge for his own goal. That was a truly astonishing and devastating moment that has come back to the fans’ minds again after seeing the troubling scenarios at Kansas.

Later, Roberto Baggio missed his penalty, which enabled Brazil to win the World Cup final against Italy and the fans were all focused on the good things yet again. But when you consider the failed drug test and the alleged devastating murder, it scares the fans off their seats, and after witnessing the recent scenes, they are too concerned about their safety in the USA, whose national team has been going through injury issues recently.

The safety concerns should be considered sincerely by the USA’s Safety Council, as the fans are scared to death and are risking their lives to come to watch the World Cup live from stadiums.

Do you think the USA is still an eligible place to conduct the World Cup after such horrible scenes in the past and present? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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