Soccer rumors: Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo’s rivalry could continue if world cup winger joins Al-Hilal amid 6 months remaining of current deal

Cristiano Ronaldo opened the door for the Arabian clubs to appoint world’s biggest soccer stars into their league after striking a lucrative $200 million per year deal with Al Nassr.

Now reports suggest that, long term rivals of Ronaldo’s team is eyeing for a move for the little magician of Argentina as Lionel Messi is on the verge of his last days with PSG after the contract remaining only 6 months.

Al Nassr was not the only Arabian club who was on the race to sign Cristiano Ronaldo as Al Hilal was seemingly interested and offered their facilities to the legendary CR7.

Later, the Portuguese signed a contract with Al Nassr on January 3 and now potential news emerged, Al Hilal is looking for a revenge and could potentially land Lionel Messi to their side.

Jorge Messi, father of Leo is acting as an agent for his son. Reports suggesting that, the senior Messi has already held a talk with Al Hilal and he was impressed with the club’s vision and project towards Lionel Messi.

The Arabian club is ready to offer the World Cup winner a humongous $299 million per year that will see the Argentine move up to number one position on the category of the highest paid athlete in the world which currently holds by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi signed a contract with PSG that will end at the start of the new season and the French champion are doing their level best to sketch a plan that will hold Messi to their club for at least couple of years more.

However, Messi has been keeping up all the options open while MLS side Inter Miami owned by David Beckham is certainly a viable move if it’s going to happen.

Beckham’s former Manchester United teammate Phil Neville is Miami’s manager and was asked about the prospect of signing the Argentine. He said,”For us, the landscape’s not changed at all.”

“With any deal for any DP [designated player] of the level you’re talking about is complicated, it takes time. Rest assured we’re working every second of every day to bring in the best players, and I think he’s [Messi] one of the best.”- Neville further added.

It could be very interesting from the fans point of view if Messi moves to Al Hilal as the world will witness the greatest two footballers of all time competing each other once again in the Arab Pro League. May their rivalry continues for long!


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