“This contract is unique, because I’m unique” Cristiano Ronaldo addresses his record breaking signing to Al Nassr

There will be times when people resisted you and times when the storm blows harder, but what remains rock never tumbles. Cristiano Ronaldo is the rock; he is the one-of-a-kind infrastructure that rises above the pounding and continues to produce monoliths.

After a difficult period at Manchester United, the footballing legend has signed a new contract with Al Nassr, making him the highest-paid athlete among all superstars worldwide with a remarkable $200 million in earnings per season.

The enormous number of financiers raised eyebrows for some as they attempted to dismiss the greatest, but it had no impact whilst the man stood up for himself during an event that saw him officially introduced as an Al Nassr player.

The 37 years old Portuguese quoted his new contract as ‘unique’ which is understandable as it fits the proactive and demanding personality he possesses.

During the interview, he said, “I’m a unique player. I beat all records there [Europe] so I want to beat a few records here. This contract is unique because I’m a unique player as well.”

“Many people speak and give their opinion, but they really know nothing about football. To be honest, I really don’t worry about what people say. I took my decision.”- Ronaldo added.

It is a monumental signing for Al Nassr FC and the entire Asian continent, as the fans will witness greatness with their own eyes. The team’s manager, Rudi Garcia, is ecstatic about Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival and has expressed his desire to work with the best immediately.

” I am very surprised. Usually, there are only three or four journalists at a press conference,” joked Rudi Garcia, facing a full press room.

“Great players like Ronaldo are the easiest players to manage, I have nothing to teach him but excitement to see him play,” added the former Marseille coach.

Thanks to CR7 and his decision, the city of Riyadh is brimming with enthusiasm and excitement as a massive crowd gathered in the stadium for the ‘Unveiling of Greatness’ celebration and the atmosphere was electric with attendees cheering and enjoying themselves.

It was one of the finest introductions ever and will go down in history, whereas Ronaldo himself is an era of history, and he will continue to write them with his fantastic fountain.


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