“Standings don’t translate the true performance” Fernando Alonso claims to be on par with Lewis Hamilton, George Russell to clinch the world title

Fernando Alonso is undoubtedly one of the best drivers of this generation. The Spaniard has several F1 records in addition to being a two-time F1 world champion. Alonso, though, is dissatisfied with how his 2022 season has gone and feels that he should be in the same category as Mercedes drivers.

There are enough reasons to be depressed about the 2022 season for the man who just began the 350th F1 round in Singapore last week. The Spaniard didn’t have the campaign he would’ve liked after suffering several DNFs.

The two-time world champion then backed his claim by saying that his championship would look a lot better and be competitive with the Mercedes if someone gave him an additional 60 points in the rankings and took away 10 or something from the others.

Alonso then added that not every podium finish is worth the hype as there are many drivers who regularly performed their best but failed to reach the final three for some unforeseen reason. Additionally, he remarked, “That probably is more accurate for the performance which we’ve put in this year, which I’m very proud of. It was another top five or top six we were fighting for. But the standings don’t translate the true performance.”

For a long time now, the former Ferrari driver has been experiencing bad luck. He was forced to retire on lap 22 of the most recent Singapore Grand Prix due to an engine problem. Apart from the Singapore race, Alonso also experienced DNFs in Monza, Imola, and Jeddah and reliability concerns in Melbourne’s qualifying, which may have prevented him from starting on the front row.

The previous McLaren driver now has 59 points and is in position nine in the overall drivers’ standings this year, with a high hope of finishing within the top five despite having a low accumulated point tally of just under 60.

Russell and Hamilton both hold P4 and P6 positions in the standings, with 203 and 170 points, respectively, behind the Alpine driver. Overall, it is tragic for any racer to have to retire for reasons outside of their control. The Spaniard has consistently qualified in solid positions on Saturdays despite all of this. Fernando made sure his heroic efforts were seen despite driving a less competitive car than Red Bull, AMG, or Ferrari.


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