Steve Nash on hot seat: Brooklyn Nets Head Coach at risk of being fired following four consecutive losses

The Brooklyn Nets are not under the good radar this season, as the team has a record of just one win and five losses so far. Considering the fact that the organization is paying the second-highest luxury tax in the NBA, this is flat-out unacceptable, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of things improving any time soon.

The Nets’ brass can’t let this nightmare of a situation continue, and while general manager Sean Marks should take some of the blame for putting together this awful combination, the team’s only significant action is to remove head coach Steve Nash.

This summer exposed the team’s top stars’ disagreements with Nash. Durant reportedly urged Nash and Marks to be dismissed, and whispers circulated that Irving disliked the rookie head coach as well.

In his second season as a head coach, he underperformed and did not have the effect on his players as a former league MVP and Hall-of-Famer to gather support in a difficult situation. That is unlikely to change as the situation appears to deteriorate.


The rumors of Nash getting fired are heating up once again after the team’s last defeat against the Indiana Pacers. The blame falls on him for the consecutive defeats of the team. It is clear as daylight that Nash is having a hard time adjusting to the team’s tactics. He has no chance of staying on the team unless he changes his strategy and tactics. Neither the Nets fans nor the players are satisfied with the coach, and this is the biggest red flag for any team.

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