Suns’ Kevin Durant’s candid take on Russell Westbrook’s competitiveness prior to NBA playoff clash creates buzz

The first-round playoff matchup between the Phoenix Suns and the LA Clippers in the Western Conference has generated a lot of buzz, but the individual matchup between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook has added another layer of intrigue. Former teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant, and Westbrook will be facing each other in the playoffs for the first time.

Both players have expressed mutual respect for each other, downplaying any rumors of beef between them. Durant, who is on his 12th postseason run, acknowledged Westbrook’s competitive nature, stating that it was not specific to their matchups but against all players.

Westbrook also reiterated that there was no beef between them and that they both know they will compete. “I think Russ is competitive against whoever he plays against.” Kevin Durant on facing Russell Westbrook in the playoffs.

Durant’s move to the Suns and his matchup against Westbrook for the first time in the playoffs make this postseason run different from his previous ones. He has experienced everything from stunning wins to crushing defeats, four finals appearances, and back-to-back NBA championships.

Westbrook holds a 6-5 advantage over Durant in their regular-season matchups, but the competitive nature of both players has not wavered, even after their explosive departure from the Thunder.

The matchup between Durant and Westbrook has always been must-see television, especially during their first season after Durant left the Thunder for Golden State. The level of intensity in their matchups was high, and it was entertainment for fans.

However, both players see it as just another game in their regularly scheduled programming, and their competitive nature is not specific to each other.

The first-round playoff matchup between the Suns and Clippers opens on Sunday, and the matchup between Durant and Westbrook will undoubtedly add another layer of excitement to the game. As two NBA 75 selections, they are considered some of the best players to ever touch the court, and competing against the best is always fun, according to Durant.

The two players may have gone their separate ways, but their journey together and their departure from the Thunder continue to fuel the beef narrative.

Kevin Durant prepares for playoff debut with Phoenix Suns after injury setbacks and mid-season trade

The Phoenix Suns are back in practice preparing for their first-round match against the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday. Despite only playing eight regular season games with the Suns due to a mid-season trade and injuries, Kevin Durant is looking forward to his playoff debut with the team.

He acknowledged the importance of chemistry in basketball, but with 1,000 NBA games under his belt, including 155 playoff appearances, Durant feels confident in his ability to perform effectively. He also credited his experience playing with various coaches and teammates throughout his 15-year career for helping him adjust to his new team quickly.

Durant is well aware of the different styles of play in the postseason, with games often slowing down and becoming more physical. He believes that signature plays from the regular season may not work in the playoffs and emphasizes the need to focus on strong offense and defense.

Despite the challenges, Durant is looking forward to the opportunity to extend the Suns’ season and compete in the playoffs.

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