Sean Strickland urges fans to “stop watching this BS!!” claiming “Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz is a fu**king joke”

UFC middleweight fighter Sean Strickland didn’t hold back his disdain for the recently announced boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz.

Scheduled to take place on August 5 in Dallas, Texas, the matchup has received mixed reactions from the combat sports community, with some intrigued by the spectacle and others furious about Paul, known as ‘The Problem Child’, taking on yet another retired UFC fighter.

Jake Paul

Strickland Slams Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz Matchup as Absurd Circus: Calls for an End to the Madness

In a scathing tweet, Strickland expressed his frustration, stating, “Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz such a fu**ing joke. I’m not hating on either for making money of this clown show, I’m hating on the fact a RETIRED 155er is fighting a juiced tiktoker at 185 who lost to a recreational boxer Tommy Furry. STOP WATCHING THIS BS!! IT NEEDS TO DIE…”

Strickland didn’t hold back in his critique, highlighting the apparent absurdity of the matchup. He pointed out that Diaz, a retired lightweight fighter, will be facing Paul, a controversial internet personality-turned-boxer, who has faced criticism for alleged performance-enhancing drug use and suffered a loss to a non-professional boxer, Tommy Fury.

Strickland urged fans to stop supporting the spectacle, which he sees as detrimental to the combat sports world.

Paul is seeking redemption after his first boxing loss against Tommy Fury, where he scored a knockdown but ultimately lost by a split decision. Despite the setback, ‘The Problem Child’ is determined to prove his doubters wrong and aims to silence his critics with a win against Diaz.

Diaz, who last fought in the UFC in September 2022, winning against Tony Ferguson, announced his temporary departure from the UFC to explore other opportunities. While it was initially speculated that Diaz would face Paul in a boxing match, it remained uncertain after his loss to Fury.

With their contrasting weight classes and boxing experience, Paul comes in as the betting favorite against Diaz. Their recent bouts of Paul have been in the weight class of 185 to 192 pounds, while Diaz has primarily fought at lightweight in the UFC and moved up to welterweight for his last six fights.

As a result, Paul is currently listed as a -275 favorite, with Diaz as the +215 underdog.

The Profitable Charade: Examining the Controversial Paul vs Diaz Matchup and Its Divisive Impact on Combat Sports

Both Nate Diaz owned ‘Real Fight Inc.’ and  Paul’s ‘Most Valuable Promotions’ stand to gain huge profits from the mega event, which will be co-plugged by the two. Despite the controversy and criticism, the allure of the payday may overshadow any concerns about the legitimacy of the matchup for both fighters.

In conclusion, Strickland’s fiery comments reflect the polarizing opinions surrounding the Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz boxing match. While some are intrigued by the spectacle, Strickland and others see it as a circus that tarnished the reputation of combat sports.

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