“You’re a fraud” UFC star Sean Strickland sends cold callout to TikTok star Detroit Self-defense guy

UFC fans don’t usually like their favorite athletes challenging outsiders to full frontal assets owing to skill issues. But some athletes still go out of their way to challenge others in a good old-fashioned mano-e-mano. Sean Strickland has already joined this trend as he challenged one of his online trolls to a fight and beat the bananas out of him.

Dale Brown who goes by the online Moniker ‘Detroit Self-defense guy’ was recently invited to a gunshop for promotional activities.

Someone had the crazy idea of inviting Sean Strickland to the same function to perform a survival video with the TikToker and things went pretty much the way everyone expected. Brown was trying to perform a trick on Sean but Strickland didn’t play along and knocked a gun shelf away.

Everyone thought the stunts were in good faith but Dale later claimed on a podcast, “I was doing a demo on how our techniques work. I told him if he wants to spar and do this the way he was talking about, we need to go out to the desert alone. Around no witnesses, other than us and the camera person. We can’t do this in the city.”

Sean immediately caught on to these statements and issued a callout, “You said you would meet me in the desert, I will make you a deal. Next week, the following week or whenever you’re free I will buy your plane ticket, I will put you in whatever hotel you want. I will go take $200,000 in cash and I will put it in the sand and you can have that money and all you got to do is beat me.”


At one point Sean even called Dale Brown a fraud and a phony! Sean is currently coming off a win from a short-notice match and wants to take a break before he steps back into the Octagon.


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