Shannon Sharpe slams Zion Williamson’s injury history doubting his return for Pelicans’ crucial playoff game vs Thunder

The New Orleans Pelicans star forward, Zion Williamson, has been out due to injury for the better part of the NBA season, and there is still no official update on his return to the team.

This has been a cause of concern for the Pelicans, who were once strong contenders for the #5 seed in the Western Conference. Amidst these concerns, NFL legend Shannon Sharpe has slammed Williamson and his reasons for staying out of the team.

On his show UNDISPUTED with Skip Bayless, Sharpe talked about Williamson missing more than half the games this season and stated, “You have played 114 games in four seasons, it’s not like we’re making this up.” Williamson had earlier commented that people are wrong for thinking that he is willingly sitting out games and that it “s*cks” to not be involved with the game that he loves.

Sharpe, however, criticized Williamson for not focusing on himself despite being overweight. He claimed that Williamson is not actively practicing while he is out of the team for long periods and is still eating the same.

According to Sharpe, these things are bound to take a toll on an athlete’s body. Williamson has been criticized before for not being in shape like an NBA athlete is supposed to be and for making excuses to not get back to his struggling team.

Sharpe also debunked all the reports that suggest Williamson will be making a comeback soon, saying “He ain’t coming back.” He continued with his opinion that Williamson requires some major re-work on his game and fitness.

The Pelicans have managed to secure a spot in the play-in tournament, but without Williamson, it will be challenging for them to advance to the playoffs. Williamson’s return could change things for the team, but it remains to be seen when he will be fit to play.

In conclusion, Sharpe’s comments have brought to light the concerns surrounding Williamson’s absence and fitness. Williamson is a young and talented player, but he needs to focus on his fitness and ensure that he is in shape to perform at the highest level. The Pelicans need him to return to the team as soon as possible, but only when he is fit and ready to play.

Zion Williamson’s Injury Woes and Mental Hurdles: A Concern for the New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans’ Zion Williamson, the former No. 1 pick, has played just 29 games in his fourth year due to injury. Williamson has missed 194 games in his four-year NBA career, equivalent to 58.7%.

He missed the entire 2021-22 season with a broken foot and has been sidelined multiple times due to various injuries this year, affecting the team’s performance. Before his injury, the Pelicans were 23-14, but they finished the year 42-40, only managing to lock in the ninth place in the Western Conference.

Although Williamson has been cleared for on-court activities, he has been struggling with mental hurdles related to returning from injury.

He said, “Now it’s just a matter of when I feel like Zion. Sometimes there’s hesitation when I make certain moves, and I don’t want to do something that may affect my team in a bad way.” Williamson’s return during a knockout game wouldn’t have been ideal for the Pelicans as they had found their rhythm without him, winning nine of their last 12 regular-season games entering the postseason.

Zion’s injury record raises concerns about his future and his ability to lead the Pelicans to success.

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