Super Bowl LVIII Weekend: Shaquille O’Neal hilariously roasts Charles Barkley with Jason Kelce reference

Shaquille O’Neal is already in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII and he spent the Super Bowl weekend with Jason Kelce, the center of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

While Jason’s brother Travis Kelce was preparing for the big game, he took the opportunity to sit with Shaq, and together they took a jab at Charles Barkley. 

Shaquille O’Neal joins Jason Kelce to roast Charles Barkley

Shaquille O’Neal posted a video in which he can be seen sitting down at a table with Jason Kelce. Shaq looked into a camera and made a joke about his NBA co-host and fellow Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley. 

“Hey Charles, you know what me and Jason have in common and you don’t?” He then pointed to Kelce’s Super Bowl ring while laughing.

He did that to mock Barkley, who recently called NFL fans fools and idiots, for never winning a championship. It wasn’t a new joke, as the joke about Charles Barkley never winning a championship is common among the cast of ‘Inside the NBA.’ 

Shaquille O'Neal
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But no one expected Shaquille O’Neal to put out this joke during the Super Bowl weekend. Jason Kelce didn’t make any comment about it but in the video, he can be seen laughing across the table.

Jason making comments like this is nothing new, as he has been having these sorts of conversations with his brother Travis Kelce on their podcast, ‘New Heights.’ The brothers often make jokes about players and discuss games and other football-related events.

For now, fans can look forward to Charles Barkley’s comeback. Considering his bold personality, he might not just keep quiet about it and will definitely answer this joke.

Where is Shaquille O’Neal hosting his Super Bowl LVIII party?

The excitement around this year’s Super Bowl is already high because of the global stars coming for the halftime show, including Usher and possibly Justin Bieber.

As the game will be held in Las Vegas, fans will also get a lot of party opportunities, and Shaquille O’Neal is also going to host a lavish Super Bowl LVIII party.

Shaq shared the details of his event on his Instagram account, which is going to be a star-studded event. The venue for this grand party is Las Vegas, closer to the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. 

Shaq’s event is named Fun House and will take place on February 9 at Wynn Las Vegas’ XS nightclub. He talked about his event, emphasizing the grandeur of it: “Just when you thought the Super Bowl couldn’t get any bigger, we’re headed to Vegas. It’s going to be a great event. It is going to be fun.”

Shaquille O'Neal
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The good thing about Shaquille O’Neal’s parties is that the prices are never high and he even calls himself “the only guy that’s dropping prices.

“This has never been about money for me. This has been about doing a good event,” he mentioned. “Sometimes we make money, sometimes we don’t. But who cares? The experience is what matters,” Shaq added.

The entry fee for this fun house in Las Vegas is very low, $99.99, and there will be separate prices for special guests. The event will also feature some of the biggest performers to make it even more entertaining. Besides performances, the event will feature multiple games and fun activities. 

Anyone going to the Super Bowl LVIII game shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy this lavish party hosted by Shaquille O’Neal.

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