Charles Barkley brutally criticizes NFL ‘fools and idiots’ for paying $44,000 on Super Bowl LVIII tickets

The Super Bowl LVIII is just around the corner in which the Kansas City Chiefs are going to battle against the San Francisco 49ers. The game is surely about to be the biggest event of the year for NFL fans.

It will be held in Las Vegas and the ticket prices have reached the sky. Even Taylor Swift and Christian McCaffrey faced problems finding a suite for the big game. However, when Charles Barkley got to know about the prices of the tickets for the game, it drew some harsh words out of the NBA legend.

Charles Barkley condemns $44K Super Bowl LVIII ticket buyers

Charles Barkley had no idea about how much a single Super Bowl LVIII ticket costs but after he got to know the real price, he brutally criticized buyers paying $44,000 for a single ticket.

He expressed disbelief upon learning about the ticket prices during a conversation on The Steam Room podcast hosted on TNT with Ernie Johnson and producer Tim Kiely.

They were discussing the price of the tickets and the options included 12 bucks and $15. However, Barkley was soon informed that the prices were as high as $44,000 for a single ticket.

Charles Barkley bluntly stated that regardless of one’s wealth, paying $44,000 for a ticket is foolish.

“I don’t give a damn how much money you got! If you pay $44,000 to go to the Super Bowl, you a damn fool and an idiot.”

Charles Barkley may not have realized that $44,000 tickets are for seats, while gallery and suite prices can actually reach seven figures.

The NFL often sells out tickets before completing Divisional rounds due to high demand. Despite steep prices, fans eagerly queue for Super Bowl tickets.

What are the cheapest and most expensive Super Bowl LVIII tickets?

This year the ticket prices for the Super Bowl game have increased by 70% as compared to last year. Some online platforms list tickets above $44,000, with the most expensive resale ticket reaching $75,000.

The cheapest ticket available is priced at $8,330, while the most expensive single ticket costs $81,190, offering lower-level club seats at midfield.

Super Bowl LVIII
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There are multiple reasons for this incredible increase in prices. Multiple celebrities will be present in the Super Bowl LVIII including Taylor Swift. Moreover, Grammy winner artist Usher will perform in the halftime show.

Above all, the game is going to be held in Las Vegas. The prospect of visiting such a beautiful city for the Super Bowl LVIII has also increased the anticipation for the coveted game.

However, if you agree with Charles Barkley and believe that paying such a huge amount for the Super Bowl ticket is foolish, you can catch the live broadcast on CBS and Nickelodeon on Feb 11.

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