Christian McCaffrey’s mother claiming “none of us can afford” Super Bowl suite prompts Olivia Culpo to $2 million response

The suite prices for the upcoming Super Bowl game in Las Vegas have skyrocketed. Because of this, 49ers player Christian McCaffrey’s mother, Lisa McCaffrey, was struggling to find a suite to watch his son’s game in peace. 

However, her complaints about the crazy suite prices have helped her get a suite for free. While Taylor Swift will have to pay a big sum to get a suite, Lisa got it without spending a penny.

Christian McCaffrey’s mother complains about pricey Super Bowl suites

Christian McCaffrey’s mother Lisa recently talked about her Super Bowl plans in a podcast, Your Mom. She shared that she won’t be able to watch her son’s game in a suite because the prices are crazily high and she can’t afford it.

“We looked into a suite and none of us can afford it,” Lisa said. 

She explained that neither his son, who is a famous NFL player nor his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, a renowned model, could afford the suite.

“Not even Christian, money bags over there — nor money bags Olivia. So, we’re not in a suite, I’ll tell you that right now.”

Christian McCaffrey
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This part of her podcast went viral and fans were shocked to hear that Christian McCaffrey and his girlfriend, who are quite rich, can’t afford a suite. However, it is understandable considering the suite prices for the big game this year are very high.

Suites for the 58th Super Bowl range in price from $800,000 to $2,000,000, according to TickPick. Even if Taylor Swift wants to get a suite, she will have to pay $3 million. 

Lisa McCaffrey explained that this increase in prices could be because it’s the first Super Bowl game in Las Vegas or maybe because of the “Taylor Swift factor.” Whatever the reasons, she was disappointed in not getting a suite. 

CMC’s fiancee Olivia Culpo shells out $2 million for SB suite

After the clip of Lisa McCaffrey explaining how she couldn’t afford the suite for the big game went viral, her son’s girlfriend Olivia Culpo shelled out $2 million to gift a suite to Lisa. 

Olivia Culpo is a famous model and she posted a story in which she told Lisa that she had bought a suite for her as a birthday gift.

Olivia addressed the viral statement on her Instagram story. She confirmed the purchase of a luxury suite and tagged Lisa’s account, stating, “Happy birthday Lisa, I bought you a suite.”

Christian McCaffrey
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If the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl game, it will be the best birthday celebration for Lisa. But Olivia’s kind gesture of giving Christian McCaffrey’s mother a suite has already won fans’ hearts, who have praised her for her kind gesture. 

Now, Lisa McCaffrey will be watching her son, a standout running back for the 49ers, play against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl from the comfort of the suite purchased by Olivia Culpo.

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