Watching boyfriend Travis Kelce play in Super Bowl to potentially cost Taylor Swift $3,000,000

The global superstar Taylor Swift was initially expected to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, but reportedly she rejected the offer. But now she’s dead set on going to see her 34-year-old partner Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs take on the 49ers on February 11. 

Rumor has it that she might have trouble getting a good seat at the much-awaited event, even if she is a superstar.

Taylor Swift could potentially shell out $3 million to watch Super Bowl

Watching Super Bowl LVIII might be a challenge for Taylor Swift. It seems that the pop icon is considering getting a suite to watch the game, which could potentially be quite expensive, with estimates reaching $3 million.

The outlet shared that there is one VIP suite available that seats 32 people and costs $3 million.

“A guest service rep for On Location said that as of Thursday (01.02.24) afternoon there is actually only one luxury suite available that sits 32 people and costs around $3 million, but that is subject to change at any time.”

Another source reported that there are two more average suits available at about $200,000 each. Considering Taylor Swift’s status, she will opt for a VIP suite. But in that case, she will have to pay $3,000,000. 

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Who knew that supporting your boyfriend could cost you a fortune? But in Swift’s case, that might not be a big deal considering her $1.1 billion net worth.

There is also a possibility that she might share the suite with Patrick Mahomes’ family. Taylor shares a good bond with the QB’s wife, Brittany Mahomes, and has already met Pat Mahomes. If the QB will have a suite for his wife and family, then the Karma singer might also join them. But it is not confirmed whether Patrick Mahomes will have a suite for his family like last year or not.

Securing seats for the Super Bowl game, particularly VIP seats, can be quite a challenge. However, the Super Bowl remains one of the most highly anticipated football games, and Taylor Swift will need to pay a significant sum if she wishes to support her boyfriend on the big day.

Reviewing timetable for Taylor Swift’s Japan tour ahead of Super Bowl

Since the day Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made their relationship public, they have made sure to be there for each other. Travis flew to Argentina to attend the Karma singer’s concert and Swift also flew to Kansas City multiple times to attend the Chiefs games between her shows.

But now that Travis Kelce is going to play the biggest game of the season, Super Bowl LVIII, Taylor Swift’s schedule becomes a big hurdle for her to attend the game.

The Super Bowl game is scheduled for Feb. 11 in Las Vegas and Taylor Swift has a show on Feb. 10. in Tokyo, Japan. However, there is a possibility that Swift might manage to attend the coveted game for her boyfriend. 

Her final show will start at 6 p.m. (JST) and end around 11 p.m. Tokyo time. Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of the East Coast, which means she will be going back in time to attend Kelce’s game. If she takes a flight after her show has ended, she can reach the Super Bowl game on time.

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Fortunately, she won’t have to go through security lines or flight delays and can take a smooth 10- to 12-hour flight to Las Vegas. However, this will be physically challenging for her. She has previously explained how exhausted she feels after performing.

“I do not leave my bed except to get food” Swift said. “I can barely speak because I’ve been singing for three shows straight. Every time I take a step my feet go crunch, crunch, crunch from dancing in heels.”

While her presence at the Super Bowl game is highly anticipated as it already earned the league $331.5 million, even if she can’t make it to the game, everyone will understand. 

The game is scheduled for Feb. 11 and will be broadcast on two channels this year: Nickelodeon and CBS.

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