Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus wards off smear campaign against $14.8 million childhood memory-filled mansion

Michael Jordan, the NBA G.O.A.T, has achieved success both on and off the court through various ventures. With a collection of luxurious cars and multiple mansions, he epitomizes opulence. From NBA team ownership to a tequila brand and the iconic Air Jordan line, his Airness left marks of his business savvy prudently.

But one real estate decision still stings MJ to this day, the Chicago mansion he
put on the market almost a decade ago. To make matters worse, a recent social media post has drawn so much negativity regarding the house that Jordan Jr. had to intervene himself.

Marcus Jordan fact-checks misinformation regarding Michael Jordan’s $14.8 million mansion

Michael Jordan played like a king and lived like one in his 56,000 square feet mansion, which costed him a whopping $50 million during his Bulls days. It has 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, an indoor basketball gym, a tennis court, a massive 14-car garage, a basketball-shaped swimming pool and a cigar room.

The massive trophy room that once contained all his gold and glitters is a marvel on its own. After last year’s break-in at the property, a recent video has been uploaded which might be a bit of concern for Jordan. The video uploaded by an account named “Nice Kicks” shows the view of this mansion which does not resemble Jordan’s royalty.

It became clearer when Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, shared his insights. Marcus lived in the family’s Chicago home for almost two decades, from 1995 to 2013, when he moved to Florida.

Being someone who spent most of his childhood in that house, he’s well-informed about it. In response to a video, Marcus commented, “Lol this definitely ain’t the crib,” making it clear that the house in the video is not the same mansion MJ is currently attempting to sell.

Reason for MJ’s mansion staying unsold for 12 years

Michael Jordan’s massive property has been up for sale since 2012, and it’s been a struggle to find a buyer for almost 12 years. Initially priced at $29 million, the value dropped to $14,855,000 within three years of being listed. The price decrease isn’t random; the 60-year-old basketball legend intentionally chose a figure that adds up to his iconic jersey number.

“The Black Cat” could be worth $3 billion but his money is draining on his Chicago mansion. He is said to be losing $100,000 per year in property taxes without utilizing the house.

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Michael Jordan personalized the mansion to suit his taste, featuring his iconic jersey number 23 inscribed on the entrance gate. Air Jordan logos are also scattered throughout the property. However, these exclusive customizations might be one reason why potential buyers are not as enticed.

Furthermore, the location of the mansion has diminished its appeal. Despite the Jordan family enjoying the suburban solitude, buyers may prefer a house near Lake Michigan at a similar price point. This mismatch in preferences could be affecting the property’s marketability.

Jordan’s competitive streak did not permit him to give up. So, he decided to give the furniture as well as the limited-edition Air Jordan sneakers along with the mansion.

So, if you’ve got some $15 million lying around, feel free to contact the Airness for the mansion and grab those legendary sneakers as a bonus.

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