Why does Patrick Mahomes’ dad not want to sit with Taylor Swift at Chiefs games?

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are going to face the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday in the AFC Championship game. Reportedly, Travis Kelce’s family, including his girlfriend Taylor Swift and brother Jason Kelce, will be present at the game. Similarly, Patrick Mahomes’ family is also expected to attend the game.

The QB’s dad, Pat Mahomes, who once stirred controversy by cheering for his son’s rival team has now stirred some drama with his reply when he was asked about the seating arrangements for the upcoming NFL game.

Why does Patrick Mahomes’ dad not want to sit with Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift has been attending Chiefs games ever since her relationship with Travis Kelce became public. She attended almost all the playoff games for the team and is expected to attend the upcoming game on Sunday as well.

However, Patrick Mahomes’ dad, Pat Mahomes, expressed that he is not interested in sitting along with Taylor Swift. Pat Mahomes didn’t clarify the reason but it is most probably because he wants to enjoy this crucial game in peace.

In the Chiefs’ last game against the Buffalo Bills, the suite of Taylor Swift, in which Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie were also present, became more like a party suite.

Jason Kelce ripped his shirt, roared, drank, and even carried a young fan to their suite.

The energy of the suite was extremely loud and Pat Mahomes might not want to watch his son’s game in this atmosphere. 

Even Kylie Kelce, wife of Jason Kelce, didn’t like his antics and some fans also criticized him. However, Travis Kelce said that he loved the energy and even Taylor Swift shared that she loved Jason.

But it seems like Pat Mahomes is not a fan of watching games in a “party box.”

Patrick Mahomes’ dad hopes to avoid Taylor Swift’s Ravens VIP box

Patrick Mahomes’ dad was asked about whether he wants to sit with Taylor Swift in the upcoming game, and he denied the idea. Although the former MLB player had only good things to say about the pop icon, he still shared that he would prefer not to share a suit with her.

“I hope not. No, I don’t think so. No, Travis normally has his own thing, and Patrick has his own deal, too,” Pat said. “But I imagine if Taylor wants her own suite, I think she’s got enough money to get the one she wants.”

The 53-year-old also explained that in the last game, he didn’t sit with Taylor and Jason and was rather sitting two booths down. 

“I was actually two booths down,” Pat explained, making sure to note that he did go over to their suite and “hung out with them a little bit after the game, after [the Chiefs] had won.”

Patrick Mahomes’s dad then went on to praise Jason, stating that he has known Jason for a long time and Travis is like his own son.

“Those are some fun guys. If you think Jason’s wild, you ought to see Travis.”

Pat also praised Taylor Swift by stating that she is “very nice,” “genuine” and “down-to-earth.”

Patrick Mahomes
Via US Weekly

He shared his first meeting experience with the pop icon, and he was shocked to find out that she already knew him.

“I thought somebody that famous — you never know how that’s gonna go,” he admitted. “So the first time I met her, I walked up to her to introduce myself, and she said, ‘Yeah, I know who you are. I watched the ‘Quarterback’ series. I know you’re [Patrick’s] dad.’”

Patrick Mahomes’ dad’s comments clarified that he has no beef with Taylor Swift. The only reason he wants to have a separate suite from Pop Icon is probably because he wants to enjoy the Chiefs vs Ravens AFC Championship game in peace.

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