Tennis star Rafael Nadal, wife Mery Perello become parents baby boy born healthy

Following his wife Mery Perello surprisingly giving birth on Saturday at a private facility in Palma, the city of Mallorca, Rafael Nadal is now a dad and on Saturday afternoon, the news was published in a Spanish newspaper.

It is believed that everything went properly during the delivery, and the pair will likely make an announcement soon. Prior to the delivery, Mery Perello had a few weeks of scheduled appointments at the private clinic.

The mother and her child, who was born in the 37th week of her maternity, are both doing well, a source informed the Spanish newspaper. Mery was required to remain under monitoring and take total rest the last few weeks, and the delivery took place in an exclusive hospital on the island.

Nadal hasn’t been fully at ease with the increased attention in the Spanish superstar’s private life, but he is thrilled to be a parent. In addition, he avoided inquiries about any sort of gender reveal, stating that his sole worries were for the wellbeing of his wife and the child.

Despite having a lot of prominent sportsmen living there, paparazzi photographers who follow the affluent and famous have not historically been an issue in Spain. After several attempts to get a scoop on the pregnancy news, Nadal has already requested that the Spanish tabloid press refrain from covering him.

The King of Clay then requested the reporters to remain quiet by saying, “I’m not used to talking about my private life. We live calmer with a lower profile. I don’t expect that my life will change much with it.”

With the exception of a few key matches, Perello herself likes to avoid the spotlight and spend most of her time away from the court. At this moment, neither Rafael Nadal nor his team have released a statement on the birth.

Two weeks had passed since Nadal’s tearful goodbye to friend and competitor Roger Federer on his final tournament before becoming a parent. The 36-year-old Nadal boasts a male Grand Slam record of 22 victories.


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