“That’s just skill difference” UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley questions Brock Lesnar’s MMA prowess

Brock ‘The Beast Incarnate’ Lesnar is probably best known for his performance with WWE. But many hardcore fans are also aware of his impressive run with the UFC. While he didn’t have the longest run as an MMA fighter, whatever he did in those few fights was quite significant. UFC Bantamweight Sean O’Malley now calls into question Lesnar’s actual prowess.

What did Sean O’Malley say?

While speaking in his podcast TimboSugarShow (Transcribed by MMA News), with his coach Tim Welch, Sean spoke on Brock Lesner’s career. Brock’s sheer size and athleticism which he carried from his wrestling background, carried him through his initial fights. And as is normal, carried him only to the point until he met actually skilled people who he couldn’t overwhelm with his mass or wrestling prowess.

O’Malley was still very young when Lesnar started his run for the UFC. Initially, Vince McMahon didn’t want to let him go as the WWE President though, a fighter he had worked so hard to establish could get humiliated ultimately damaging the wrestling brand. But the deal did fall through and Lesnar was up against Min Soo Kim. Brock won that fight in round 1 but went on to lose his next fight via submission.

But after another victory, Brock went on to challenge Randy Couture for the title and won via second-round TKO. Lesnar defended his titles two more times back to back and came face to face with ‘Cardio’ Cain Velasquez. There the former WWE star lost in the first round in a seemingly one-sided matchup.

Sean talks about Brock, “I need to go back and watch (the fight with Cain Velasquez) because that’s just skill difference. Because Brock was obviously, probably so dominant because of how massive he was. Because was he good at wrestling, or was he just so big? He had a good double leg.”

‘Brock Solid’ never managed to win a fight in the UFC after this and later left owing to steroid allegations.


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