Pele’s 100-year-old mother is ‘unaware’ of son’s death, claims Brazil football legend’s sister

Pele was one of the greatest players in the history of football, and his death is still being mourned and honored by football communities worldwide. Pele fought cancer prior to his death and died at the age of 82, leaving behind children and grandchildren after a life well lived.

Despite the fact that the entire world is knowledgeable that Pele has passed away, his 100-year-old mother, Celeste, has not yet been informed.

Maria Lucia do Nascimento, Pele’s sole surviving sibling, has reportedly refused to notify the legend’s mother of the latest developments, as reports confirmed.

Maria Lucia do Nascimento’s statement “We converse, but she is unaware of the situation. She is living in her own world. She opens her eyes when I mention his name and say, “Let’s pray for him,” but she is not really aware of what I am saying.

After three days of official mourning, Pele will be interred in a 14-story cemetery in the heart of Santos, where he played the majority of his club football, on Tuesday.

Pele will be laid to rest at the 14-storey Memorial Necrópole Ecumênica cemetery in Santos, pictured

Pele ensured that the world joined in his celebrations of his mother, Dona Celest, on her birthday by posting a heartfelt Instagram message to mark the occasion. Celeste had only recently celebrated her centenary birthday.

His caption read, “Today, we celebrate 100 years of Dona Celeste’s life. From a young age, she taught me the value of love and peace. I have well over a hundred reasons to be thankful for being her son. I share these photos with you, with great emotion to celebrate this day. Thank you for every day by your side, Mom.”


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Pele passed away on Wednesday, December 28, due to multiple organ failures resulting from his long battle with colon cancer. After being unable to respond to chemotherapy, which he had been receiving since September 2021, when he underwent surgery for bowel cancer treatment, he was moved to palliative care. He is regarded as the greatest footballer of all time, with tributes pouring in from footballers and non-footballers alike in the millions.


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