LeBron James’s supportive tweet for Browns’ QB Deshaun Watson after sex assault allegations, sparks uproar among NBA fans

Fans again criticized LeBron James for what he did on social media after his Instagram blunder last week. However, this time, he didn’t make any silly mistake, though his appreciation tweet for Deshaun Watson caught the wind.

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, had been in the news for his sexual assault allegations. There were 23 different lawsuits filed against the quarterback for sexual assault. However, he managed to get a settlement offer for most of them and never faced any criminal charges. Additionally, he was suspended for more than half the season.

What did LeBron James tweet?

After getting back on the pitch, Watson played an instrumental role in the win for the Browns, scoring three touchdowns for 169 yards and a 50% passing completion rate against the Washington Commanders. “Yessir D Watson!!” James tweeted after seeing him play the best game of the season. Another one. “That boy getting his rhythm back.”

Appreciating a sexual offender has not been taken well by the Lakers’ superstar fans. There are mixed feelings and questions raised following James’ tweet.

What is the reaction of LeBron James’ fans to his tweet?

Fans didn’t hesitate to criticize King James. On social media, there are a lot of saccharine and dark-humor tweets trending.




The level of trolling and criticism has reached an all-time high because fans expect LeBron to be a role model against any type of wrongdoing or inhumane crime.

Previously, the star had taken a stand against Jerry Jones, the millionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, for his past activities regarding racial segregation. Because of this, LeBron James’ support for a sexual offender has caused a lot of anger.


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