Zion Clark, disabled wrestler turned MMA fighter set to publish book detailing his amazing story

The MMA world has been seeing some exceptional events lately. From Glover Teixeira becoming a UFC Light-heavyweight champion at the age of 42 to 17-year-old Raul Rosas Jr. winning his debut match in UFC. Old myths regarding compatibility for UFC are shattering left and right. But nothing probably has come close to the story of Zion Clark.

Clark hails from Ohio where he performed as a collegiate wrestler despite not having legs. He didn’t let his physical shortcoming stop him and used his upper body strength to start wrestling seriously. Zion found significant success on the wrestling field and decided to up his game further by moving to MMA where he took on Eugene Murray and won via decision.

Why does Zion Clark want to publish a book?

Clark was born without legs owing to a medical condition named Caudal regression syndrome. Missing an entire half of his body was not enough to stop the prodigy as he decided to utilize whatever was given to him. This has been his motto going forward and talking with TMZ, (Transcription by MMA News) Zion said,

“Coming out in the new year, I’m releasing a book called Work With What You Got through Candlewick (publishing), by me and my writer James Hurst, which is an award-winning writer”

“I had the pleasure of working with him over the last year, two years, two and a half years of him just coming out to California, following me around the whole country, just seeing how I think, seeing how I move, talking to the people that got to watch me grow, for all my viewpoints and thoughts on different situations.” Clark continued.

“Especially the foster care system, which is something big that I’m working on, to help these kids, This book hits every point, and I hope it opens the eyes to everyone that is either thinking about participating or who is currently participating in the efforts to give these kids good homes and good settlements, so they can thrive and become participating citizens of our country,” he concluded.

Zion’s story will hopefully inspire people struggling with different issues across all walks of life to strive for a positive change regardless of what condition they might find themselves in.


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