“This is what hurts boxing”: Ryan Garcia believes Vasiliy Lomachenko should have won vs Devin Haney

In a recent statement, emerging boxing sensation Ryan Garcia has ignited a fervent debate by sharing his belief that Vasiliy Lomachenko should have been declared the winner over Devin Haney.

The world of boxing is notorious for its controversies and contentious decisions, frequently fueling passionate discussions among fans, fighters, and analysts regarding the outcomes of high-profile matches.

Garcia’s perspective brings attention to a wider issue that plagues the sport: subjective judging and questionable verdicts.

Ryan Garcia shares his views 

In a highly anticipated lightweight clash, Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko exhibited their exceptional skills and unwavering determination within the squared circle.

The bout unfolded as a closely contested encounter, with both pugilists showcasing their prowess and strategic acumen.

Ryan Garcia

However, the final decision in favor of Devin Haney has left Ryan questioning the integrity of the judges’ scorecards.

As a prominent figure in the boxing world, Garcia took to social media platforms to express his dissatisfaction with the judges’ ruling.

Ryan contends that Lomachenko’s technical brilliance and unrelenting aggression warranted a victory over Haney.

In his view, the scoring system should have acknowledged Lomachenko’s superior ring generalship, precision, and overall performance.

Ryan Garcia

His stance resonates with the frustration felt by numerous fans who believe that subjective judgments often overshadow the true essence of boxing.

The defeat of Vasiliy Lomachenko has sparked widespread attention and scrutiny. While boxing matches are meant to be judged impartially, the sport has long grappled with contentious scoring decisions.

There are instances where fighters who appear to dominate a bout are unexpectedly handed defeat, while others are granted victories despite their apparent inferiority. This subjectivity in scoring creates doubt and erodes the credibility of the sport.

When notable fighters like Ryan voice their dissatisfaction with scoring decisions, it brings much-needed focus to the flaws in the existing system.

Devin Haney

It emphasizes the necessity for reforms and enhancements that promote fairness and transparency in boxing.

Lomachenko’s defeat raises eyeballs

When fans and even fighters question the integrity of the sport, it undermines the reputation and legitimacy of professional boxing as a whole.

To ensure a just outcome in boxing matches, there must be a comprehensive evaluation of the scoring system.

Considerations should be given to implementing reforms such as open scoring, which would allow spectators and fighters to see judges’ scores at the end of each round.

This approach would help minimise potential biases and prevent controversial decisions from overshadowing the genuine talent and skill demonstrated by the fighters.

Devin Haney

Garcia’s expression of discontent regarding the decision in the Devin Haney vs. Vasiliy Lomachenko bout highlights the ongoing issue of questionable scoring decisions in professional boxing.

It is crucial for the sport’s governing bodies to address this concern and implement reforms that foster objectivity and fairness.

Boxing should be celebrated for the incredible athleticism, strategy, and sportsmanship it embodies, rather than for the controversies and questionable decisions that tarnish its reputation.

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