Thunder Rosa tags Roman Reigns “A**hole of the family” while addressing WWE’s The Bloodline storytelling

In a move that would make Stone Cold Steve Austin proud, Thunder Rosa stepped into the squared circle of controversy, verbally clotheslining Roman Reigns and dubbing him the “a**hole of The Bloodline family.”

The arena was ablaze as Rosa unleashed her scorching commentary on WWE’s electrifying Bloodline storyline, likening it to a family feud on steroids, packed with more drama than a ladder match at WrestleMania.

AEW star Thunder Rosa compares The Bloodline storyline with the telenovela ‘on crack’

The Bloodline narrative has become a main event attraction, suplexing its way into the hearts of wrestling aficionados around the globe. With Roman Reigns holding the Universal Championship like a prized submission hold and the Usos locking down their positions as formidable allies, the explosive developments in this family-focused saga have left audiences gasping for breath.

But it was Thunder Rosa, the AEW sensation, who stepped outside the ropes to offer a jaw-dropping analysis of The Bloodline’s wild ride. Like a steel chair to the face, Rosa proclaimed, “This is a novella dude, this is a straight-up novela,”

“When you’re so close with your family, you’re close-knit and you come from that kind of background you understand and you relate. Because there’s always such an a-hole in the family who thinks he or she is the sh*t and they do this gaslighting and put people down, all this stuff that we’re seeing,” she reiterated.

The Bloodline story makes fans keep coming back for more

The Bloodline’s grip on the wrestling universe is unrelenting, reeling in viewers across every digital platform like a championship-winning fisherman. The stakes have very well been upped by the dramatic tension and fascinating storyline, keeping audiences teetering on the edge of their seats and begging for more.

But let’s not forget the unsung heroes of The Bloodline—the masterminds behind the scenes who weave this captivating narrative together. From the commanding presence of Paul Heyman to the shining moments of Jimmy and Jey Uso, every member of this family drama has delivered a show-stealing performance.

The Bloodline

And let’s not overlook the Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn, whose unexpected involvement injected a jolt of electricity into The Bloodline, raising the excitement level to new heights. Zayn’s infectious charisma and ability to break character like a ladder bending under the weight of two behemoths made him an indispensable MVP within the faction.

As Sami Zayn himself shared, The Bloodline and its story are akin to catching lightning in a bottle—a rare phenomenon that only a select few can achieve. The Bloodline has raised the bar, leaving a trail of super exciting moments and a legion of fans who eagerly await the next chapter in this enthralling tale.

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