Thunderstorm forecast in Monaco brings headache for F1 after Imola GP cancellation due to flooding

Formula One is set to resume this weekend with the Monaco Grand Prix. However, just ahead of the event set to take place in Monaco on Sunday, bad weather forecasts for the weekend have caused a stir among the teams and fans alike.

Friday will begin the action-packed Monaco Grand Prix weekend with Free Practices 1 and 2, with the final Free Practice and Qualifying taking place on Saturday. This Sunday’s race is sure to be exciting for spectators as it winds through the streets of renowned Monaco.

A forecast for the weekend shows that heavy rain is likely, which could prevent the exciting race from taking place as planned.  

Why weather is a worry at Monaco GP

Friday in Monaco is expected to be cloudy and rainy throughout the day. Expect showers, and possibly even thunderstorms, with a 70% chance of precipitation. The temperature will top out at 22 degrees Celsius, and the city will remain dry throughout the night.

Wet weather, including thunderstorms, is predicted for all of Saturday. The temperature will be 23 degrees Celsius, and the chance of rain will remain at 70%. 

Monaco GP

Sunday’s forecast is not drastically different from Saturday’s, except that we won’t have to worry about thunderstorms. Precipitation is expected throughout the day, making the first rain race of 2023 a strong possibility.

The Circuit de Monaco features tight corners, elevation changes, and the glamorous backdrop of the Mediterranean coast, all of which can be found on the city’s narrow and winding streets. The sharp turns and corners with limited overtaking opportunities are already dangerous enough thanks to the circuit’s tight and narrow layout, and the rainfall will induce new risks such as limiting visibility and a lack of grip on a wet surface.

Emilia-Romagna GP was postponed because of bad weather

Last week, the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix weekend was postponed because of the same reason – a huge rainfall and flooding in Italy. It was decided last Wednesday, after discussions between local authorities and race organizers in Imola, Italy, that the event could not be held safely. The widespread flooding in the Emilia Romagna region has claimed at least eight lives and forced the evacuation of more than 5,000 people.

Monaco GP

Ferrari’s Maranello factory, about 80 kilometers north-northwest of Imola, is also in the affected area. 

The race couldn’t be rescheduled to this Monday because of the already scheduled Monaco GP this weekend. Should Monaco GP take the blow as well, that’s two races out of the calendar already!



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