Tom Brady’s ex-Patriots teammate Rob Gronkowski sheds hilarious light on basketball skills, trolling Travis Kelce in the process

The Former teammate of Tom Brady and renowned NFL tight end, Rob Gronkowski, has always been known for his fun-loving and comedic personality. And recently, he shed some hilarious light on his basketball skills while trolling fellow NFL player Travis Kelce in the process. In a recent interview, Gronk expressed his confidence in scoring five points in an NBA game. And his comments have since gone viral.

Rob Gronkowski recently discussed on the Up & Adams show how he believes he could score five points in an NBA game. Gronk’s basketball abilities are unknown but his size could make him an NBA player. 

His claim that he could score five points in an NBA game came after former NBA player Chandler Parsons stated that Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, would not be able to score five points in a basketball game. Gronk, always up for a good-natured competition, immediately jumped in and claimed he could do it himself.


Kelce is similar to Gronk in that they are both physical freaks and highly athletic for their size. In most NBA games, players who remain on the floor for an extended period are likely to score eventually. 

What does Gronkowski, the former teammate of Tom Brady said?

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Gronk suggested that he would “cherry-pick” the whole game to get a lot of easy layups.

Considering his size, he does not anticipate any difficulty scoring five points in 32 minutes, especially with little defense being played in the NBA.

Rob Gronkowski’s hilarious trolling of Travis Kelce and his confidence in his basketball skills have provided sports fans with a much-needed moment of laughter. Gronk is unlikely to pursue a basketball career. But his comedic remarks show that he is not afraid to joke around and entertain his fans. 

As we continue to witness the serious side of sports, it’s refreshing to see a player like Gronk who never takes himself too seriously and is always willing to make us laugh.


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