Tom Brady lashes out at haters who think he was ‘p*ssy’ throughout his NFL career: “Got my ass up”

Despite currently not being in the NFL, Tom Brady remains a prominent figure in the public eye, starting new business ventures and expressing opinions on the league. The seven-time Super Bowl champion, despite his stellar career, still faces criticism.

Recently labeled “soft” after criticizing the NFL’s perceived softness, Brady responded to critics by emphasizing his resilience and dedication. Now, Brady exhibits renewed competitiveness toward media critiques, countering them verbally rather than through play. 

Tom Brady claps back at haters

In a podcast quote, Brady defended himself against the “soft” label, emphasizing that he took every hit, ensuring he always got up to avoid giving defensive players the satisfaction of saying they knocked him down.

“Everyone thinks I was a p—sy out there. I took every single [hit] and got my ass up. I never wanted a defensive player saying ‘I knocked the shit out of him and he didn’t get up’ so I made sure I got up,” the former QB said.

Although fans might label him as soft, his career is a testament to his resilience. Over his 23-year NFL career, Brady achieved remarkable statistics, including a 64.3% completion rate, 89,214 passing yards, 649 touchdowns, and 212 interceptions. 

Tom Brady

He also had success on the ground with 1,123 yards and 28 touchdowns. Tom Brady is known as the best quarterback of all time, securing seven Super Bowl titles throughout his career and now, the former quarterback is focuing on his post-retirement ventures.

Fan label Tom Brady as crybaby

Despite Brady denying that he was soft during his career, some fans still consider Tom Brady soft because he was a crybaby. 

Fans on Twitter labeled Tom Brady as a crybaby, suggesting that his tendency to complain to referees when touched is a notable aspect of his playing style.

“People who watched his career from beginning to end and call him a p*ssy don’t do it because he couldn’t take a hit. They call him that because he would cry for flags (he got a bunch of late flags in his career) and the very next play he’d slide cleats up at a defender,” one fan wrote.

The criticism emphasized that fans believed Brady’s issue wasn’t about getting up after a hit but rather about his perceived tendency to complain like a “baby” to referees whenever he was touched during a game.

“Getting up was never the issue, it was the crying like a baby to the referees whenever someone touched him,” another fan wrote.

Despite these criticisms, Tom Brady’s toughness, backed by his substantial success in winning Super Bowls is a testament to his GOAT title. While the criticism will continue, no one can challenge the impressive success Brady has shown in the NFL world.

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