Aaron Rodgers spends the time of his life radiating joy at his star-studded 40th birthday extravaganza

Despite the New York Jets facing setbacks with consecutive losses, quarterback Aaron Rodgers discovered a moment of joy. After the team’s defeat to the Atlanta Falcons, Rodgers, despite being sidelined due to a torn left Achilles, actively coached from the sidelines during the rainy clash. 

His star-studded 40th birthday celebration in New York City followed the game, featuring teammates and celebrity friends. Notably, this festivity aligned with the QB’s return to practice, marking a crucial step in his recovery journey from the season-opening Achilles injury. 

Aaron Rodgers radiates joy at his star-studded 40th birthday

Despite the New York Jets‘ recent struggles and a defeat to the Atlanta Falcons, Aaron Rodgers celebrated his 40th birthday in style. The birthday party at the exclusive Zero Bond in NYC featured a high-profile guest list, including Jets teammates, celebrity pals like Miles Teller and Lindsey Vonn, and others.

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The celebration took place at Zero Bond, a renowned private members-only club in New York City known for hosting A-list events. Social media posts captured the vibrant atmosphere, showcasing moments like a rendition of “Happy Birthday” for the four-time NFL MVP, emphasizing the camaraderie among players and their families.

A video shared by Alexis Bawden on Instagram Story captured the lively crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to Rodgers, providing fans with a glimpse into the festivities.

The attendees included friends and family of Jets players, such as Nick Bawden, D.J. Reed, Malik Taylor, Randall Cobb, and others, as well as actor Miles Teller and Olympian Lindsey Vonn.

Photo Booth snapshots shared on social media captured joyous moments, including the QB receiving kisses on each cheek from friends.

Lindsey Vonn shared a picture of Rodgers’ birthday cake, which featured elements like the Jets, guitar, Jeopardy, and his Super Bowl trophy. Several attendees, including Frankie Bakhtiari, expressed their joy on Instagram.

The celebration coincided with Rodgers’ return to practice, marking a significant step forward in his recovery from the torn left Achilles.

Is Aaron Rodgers the oldest active NFL QB?

Aaron Rodgers officially became the oldest player in the NFL for 2023, surpassing all other players at the age of 39. While kickers or Tom Brady typically hold the title of the oldest player, Rodgers claimed this honor as a quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers, born on December 2, 1983, played his first game with the Jets, making him the only player born in 1983 in the NFL this year. The 2023 season marked the first time since 1993 that no player over the age of 40 was on any NFL roster at the beginning of the season.

Aaron Rodgers
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The five oldest NFL players for 2023 included Marcedes Lewis, Matt Prater, Nick Folk, and Duane Brown, with Rodgers topping the list.

Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending Achilles injury in the first game of the season, limiting his playing time but maintaining his status as the oldest active quarterback in the NFL.

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