Tom Brady throws incomplete pass as ex-Buccaneers QBs’ production company winds down podcast division

Tom Brady, throughout his career, was an astonishing player and had a wonderful personality. However, even while playing football, Brady did not satisfy himself as the NFL’s GOAT. The legendary quarterback had otherworldly ideas in his mind too.

Undoubtedly, Tom wanted to make all of his opportunities count. 

Many players start their own brands and try to start preparing for the next chapter of life after football. So did Brady; not only does the GOAT have his own brands, he has shares in multiple businesses and media platforms, including a sports website called Religion of Sports.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady is wearing his “Brady” branded cap. 

To be frank, the website is polished with smooth transitions and quality content of videos, audio and readable news. Since Tom is one of the website’s owners, numerous pieces of content are dedicated to the legendary quarterback.

Even though the website company made $35 million in revenue last year, they are slowly closing down on its audio department. There were over a dozen employees dedicated to this section.

Yet, they, including Tom Brady, have decided to close the audio section, which included the famous podcast show, “Now for Tomorrow With Deepak Chopra.”

Why did Tom Brady decide to close down the audio section?

The reason is quite simple. This is not 2020 or 2021 anymore; people do not have ample time to watch and listen to podcast shows. The reality of 2023 is “the dumb money era is over,” according to podcast strategist Eric Nuzum. Speaking with the New York Times, the strategist also said, “People had been throwing money at things just to see if they could get in and scale up an audience quickly, but now everyone’s being a little bit more conservative.”

On the other hand, Tom Brady will likely join Fox Sports as a sports analyst. He also runs a famous podcast show called “Let’s Go!“, so he cannot be his own competition. There for, thinking about life today and his future Tom Brady decided to call it a day for the audio department.

Tom Brady
The “Let’s Go!” podcast featuring Tom Brady.

Yet the company is not stopping any time soon. By the end of 2022, the sports website company had raised $16 million, and they will look forward to reaching $50 million in the coming days. 


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