Tom Brady’s daughter amuses seven-time Super Bowl champion by experiment on snowy getaway as ex Gisele features Vogue cover

There were obvious reasons for Tom Brady to announce his second retirement on the first day of February. The NFL GOAT retired mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, he could not perform due to the high mental pressure of his divorce. Secondly, the man realized why he initially got the divorce- he did not spend enough time with his family. 

Now that Brady is retired for the second time, he is doing what he should have done on his first go, giving his children the quality father time they deserve, and has missed out due to TB12’s obsession with football. 

While ex-wife Gisele was busy passing for the famous magazine Vogue’s cover, Tom Brady was noticed having a blast with his daughter Vivian. 

What did Tom Brady and his daughter do?

This week Gisele Bündchen made headlines after she was featured in one of the world’s biggest fashion and lifestyle magazines, Vogue. However, this allowed Tom to spend quality time with his youngest child, Vivian. 

Gisele Bündchen
Gisele Bündchen’s new avatar.

TB12 was delighted to share the father-daughter experience on social media so the NFL GOAT could be noticed on his Instagram stories sharing videos and photos with his daughter Vivian. 

What were the videos and photos about?

The fans regularly following would know that the videos and photos of the father-daughter duo were about the child’s science project. In the shared video of Tb12 on Instagram stories, Tom asks his daughter, “Viv, what do we got?” In response to her father, Vivian says, “This will turn into ice when I throw it up in the air.”

Tom Brady
Tom Brady’s Instagram story, where he shared the video of his daughter Vivian.

Later Tom shared another story, which showed a photo of his daughter tossing a cup of steamed water with the caption, “Science is fun.”

Tom Brady
Tom Brady’s Instagram story.

It was necessary for Brady to spend some quality time with his children and not disappoint them this time around he did. TB12 finally turns into the family man Gisele wanted him to be. The question is will they get back together since many perceive Tom’s actions as a way to get back his ex-wife

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