Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bündchen’s unfamiliar appearance in Vogue cover creating waves in modeling world after split

Gisele Bündchen is making headlines, and it is not because of the NFL GOAT Tom Brady. The two were one of the most iconic couples in sporting history. You heard me right, not just football but sports in general.

However, the couple could not last after thirteen years of marriage, thanks to the “I still want to play football” attitude from TB12. 

We all know how Tom Brady came back to the NFL after his retirement last year, only to make his wife angry enough to call it a day amongst them and go on her separate way.

Afterward, the days of Brady got frustrating as he continued to disappoint his fans, not having the mentality to be on the field and an exhausted body. So, the legend retired once more starting this February- a year after his first retirement. 

While Brady was having a rough time, Gisele did not waste her time sitting around and getting depressed. Rather she rediscovered herself with multiple activities, including going on a trip, dancing for her cultural festivals, and modeling

Even though she is now a forty-two-year-old, Bündchen still attracts people with her exotic beauty and amazing fitness. No wonder Gisele Bündchen made the latest issue of Vogue Italia- the first time after her separation from TB12. Fans looking at the model in the magazine were stunned!

How did fans react to Gisele Bündchen and her new avatar in the latest issue of Vogue Italia?

As usual, there were both positive and negative remarks. Yet many fans found the all-red Maison Valentino look a bit intimidating and stormed their opinions on social media platforms such as Twitter

A fan wrote, “Literally thought it was jinx monsoon.”

Another fan agreeing with the previous one, wrote, “100% thought that was Jinkx.”

While a hater of Brady joined in and commented, “Honestly, I’m here for whatever she does next. Get it, girl. I was never a fan of Brady, tbh.”

What are your thoughts on Gisele’s new avatar? You can share your opinion in the comments.


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