Michael Bisping lashes out at Conor McGregor for death threat to Tom Aspinall after UFC heavyweight’s disinterest for Notorius’ return

Tom Aspinall is a surging Heavyweight contender who has previously admitted to not paying a lot of attention to other fights in the promotion. This is why not many should’ve been surprised when he didn’t express much interest in McGregor’s upcoming fight. After Conor sent serious threats toward him, Michael Bisping decided to retaliate.

In a recent video, Bisping had this to say for ‘Mystic Mac’,

“Serious, serious words. Not the most damaging insult, but he did threaten to kill him. (He) threatened to starve him and to kill him. Looks like Tom’s losing out on the GK deal guys. And he has to never, ever, ever mention Conor McGregor’s name again. Now look, listen, McGregor’s a hothead. We’re all kind of hotheads. Saying that, Tom isn’t. Tom’s the most level-headed, calmest human being you’ll ever meet.”

“But Conor is definitely biting off more than he can chew here, no disrespect. He’s got his hands full with Michael Chandler. He has his hands full with the lightweight division. Picking off a six-foot-five heavyweight? Not the best thing to do. But we know what Conor’s like. He’ll talk a bit of crap, he’ll tweet and delete.”

How proper is Michael Bisping’s Retaliation to Conor Mcgregor?

Tom seemed to be taking some interest in watching fights as he Tweeted in defense of the UFC 284 main event after some fans questioned the judging. Also, Conor is a big name than Aspinall will probably ever be. It’s everyone’s freedom to watch whatever fights they like and follow whatever fighters they want.

Perhaps, McGregor did all this knowing full well that Aspinall would likely never confront him about these statements. The Brit actually responded with an edited funny Tweet. Could this animosity come owing to the existing tensions between Britain and Ireland? We are probably stretching too hard there!

Interestingly, Tom Aspinall suffered a leg injury against Curtis Blaydes and Conor also suffered a serious leg injury during his fight against Dustin Poirier. While McGregor made his return (with accusations of steroid use for recovery, it is unclear when Tom will be able to step back inside the Octagon.

What do you think about this whole drama?


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