Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury’s WBC championship title ‘Diriyah’ infuriates boxing fans calling it as “Diarrhea Belt”

Combat sports fans are known for being rather confrontational and reactionary especially when it comes to online behavior. The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury was already toxic enough owing to the statements by the ‘Problem Child’. But after WBC revealed a specialized belt for the fight, the hatred seems to be going off the charts.

They wrote on Twitter “The World Boxing Council has created the Diriyah Strap to recognize the importance of ‘The Truth’ to the boxing scene as this event continues supporting the growth of our sport by bringing new viewership. Jake has dedication and respect to the sport and Tommy Fury, from the Fury boxing dynasty, represents a clear challenge to Paul in a battle of two undefeated professional boxers.”

Fans are not happy at this announcement at all, with one of them writing, “A slap in the face to any real professional fighter that’s busted his ass just to pay bills usually while holding down a full-time job. I can go to any local gym and find guys all day that would be competitive with these two.”

“All boxers have dedication and respect for the sport a lot more than Jake Paul. Most do it all their lives fighting for nothing in small halls while working 9-5 jobs selling their own tickets and trying to build a name by fighting in the ring, so should they all get a belt?” wrote another.

Will the outrage affect Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

While an outsider might look at this outrage and think something serious is going on, the truth is outrage and controversy is pretty much a part of the game at this point. Fans will complain, argue, and issue serious threats but usually, that’s about it. At the end of the day, people come owing to their love for the sport.

Will Jake manage to beat an actual boxer? Will Tommy Fury finally shut the annoying Youtuber up? We hope to find out come February 26th.


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