Darren Waller confirms Tom Brady speculation after UFC Dana White claims ex-Raiders’ C Jon Gruden allegedly “blew the deal up”

Over the years, Tom Brady has caught the eyes of many teams with his hard work, dedication, and over-the-top football skills. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were lucky to have TB12 on their team. Yet they could not give Tom Brady the appropriate offensive support in this season of the NFL. 

Earlier in Super Bowl LV, Tom felt at home in the Bucs camp as his long-time pal Rob Gronkowski was there with him. The duo, along with the rest of the Buccaneers, seemed unstoppable that season and they showed no mercy to any team and later lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

However, this might not have been the case as Tom Brady was about to go to the Las Vegas Raiders, said tight end Darren Waller. Recently, Waller spoke to Forbes’ Jeff Fedotin and told him about when TB12 was about to join the Raiders.

Tom Brady
Darren Waller

What did Darren Waller say about Tom Brady and his quest to join the Raiders?

The story starts at UFC 278, where CEO Dana White claimed that Tom Brady was about to join the Raiders along with his partner in crime, Gronk. Imagine for a moment that this event took place, and instead of the Buccaneers, the iconic duo went to Las Vagas; how different do you think it would turn out to be?

It would not affect Brady and Gronk that much. However, it would have certainly given the Raiders team another Super Bowl. Maybe somewhere in a parallel universe, it did happen; we may never know!

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady in Rob’s tweeted picture.

Returning to the story and aligning with White’s claims, Darren confirms the event. Our imagined parallel universe might not have been necessary if Las Vegas coach Jon Gruden did not “blew the deal up!”

Nonetheless, TB12 went on to represent the Bucs and won his seventh Super Bowl, becoming the ultimate and undisputed GOAT of the NFL. 

Can anyone break Brady’s record? If anyone can, who are you rooting for? You can share your thoughts in the comments. 


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