Heavyweight contender Tom Aspinall thrashes fans for whining on Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski decision at UFC 284

Many mixed martial arts fans refused to accept the verdict that Islam Makhachev had defeated Alexander Volkanovski, and the controversy surrounding the outcome of the fight has only grown since then. Tom Aspinall, on the other hand, advised the fans to stop complaining and respectfully accept the judges’ judgment.

At UFC284, held at Perth’s RAC Arena, MMA lovers witnessed an intense octagon bout between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski. The Dagestani successfully defended his lightweight title with scores of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46 against The Australian.

MMA athletes from all around the world, including those competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, took to Twitter immediately after the super fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev to express their thoughts regarding the final decision. 

Tom Aspinall, a professional mixed martial artist from England, has also expressed his opinion, but he urges fans to accept the referee’s verdict saying, “Whoever you thought won the main event, doesn’t matter,”

“The decision is the decision. More importantly, we as the fans won, what an honor to watch one of the most technical displays of MMA we have ever seen. Not to mention, the absolute heart and will to win from both fighters. Complaining online isn’t gonna change anything, be happy you got to experience such an epic fight you an ungrateful bunch of Fanny.” Tom added.

The English heavyweight contender is indeed right; the battle was epic in every way; both fighters gave their everything from the opening bell to the last bell.

As could be expected from a fight between the two best fighters in the world at their respective weight classes, there was relentless action and thrill throughout the entire 25-minute and five-round encounter.

It was obvious from the outset of the fight that both champions were in the octagon to showcase their formidable MMA abilities.


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