Lightweight champion Islam Makhachev declares himself ‘the best fighter in the world’

Millions of fans from all around the world were rooting for Islam Makhachev to win the super fight against Alexander Volkanovski and retain his lightweight championship belt, and certainly, they were not disappointed.

Makhachev, the current lightweight champion, defeated Alexander Volkanovski, the reigning featherweight champion, by unanimous decision with scores of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46. In the post-fight interview, Islam declared himself as the best saying, “I am the best fighter in the world.”

The bout was Islam Makhachev’s toughest one to date because he had never competed against an opponent of such a high caliber before. The Russian not only risked losing his lightweight championship belt, but he also needed to triumph in order to move up to the top spot of pound-for-pound in the world.

Both of the combatants got off to a sluggish start at the RAC Arena in Perth because they did not appear to be willing to take any risks early on in the bout. However, Islam gradually began to dominate his Australian opponent.

Islam unexpectedly met a more formidable and ruthless Alexander Volkanovski in this fight. Islam ridiculed Volk multiple times before the bout for his height and lack of grappling abilities, but the tide definitely turned in the fourth round. ‘The Great’ demonstrated his enhanced grappling skills, which put Islam in a challenging position quite a few times.

To keep the action flowing and the stakes high, “The Great” and “The Dagestani” threw a flurry of punches, high kicks, and jabs at each other in the fourth and fifth rounds. Despite the outstanding performance he delivered, Vokanovsky lost by unanimous decision. It was Islam Makhachev who came out on top, although Volk certainly showed his mixed martial arts brilliance today once again. 

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