My dream is to knock him out’ Islam Makhachev predicts finishing bout vs Alexander Volkanovski ‘in second or third round’ at UFC 284

Islam Makhachev will enter the octagon in three days to defend his lightweight title against Alexander Volkanovski, and his goal is to knock the Australian out.

The Dagestani mixed martial arts fighter is famous for his exceptional wrestling ability, while his Australian opponent in the octagon is known for his extraordinary striking skills. The question on everyone’s mind is, therefore: who is going to win?

Islam, who has been giving threats to Volkanovski that he is the one who is going to be the new pound for pound number one at the RAC Arena on coming Sunday, while Volkanovski believes that no one in the world can stop him from being a double champion at this moment. 

In October 2016, Islam defeated Charles Oliveira through submission to win the lightweight title, despite Oliveira’s reputation as the most supreme submission artist in the UFC. According to Islam, Volkanovski’s striking or punching prowess will not have any effect on him this time either.

“I can be more aggressive (not worrying about KO or his power). My dream is to knock him out. I think it will be a finish in the second or third round.” said Makhachev

The Russian fighter, will not have his mentor and friend Khabib Nurmagomedov, the former lightweight champion, on his side during this match. Islam stated on multiple occasions that the absence of The Eagle will be felt, but Khabib’s advice will be prevalent with him. 

Makhachev has the goal of maintaining his winning streak and successfully defending his title, but accomplishing these goals won’t be easy. Volkanovski, also known as “The Great,” is the current featherweight champion and the fight is also going to be in his backyard. 

It’s time to find out which champion from two different weight classes will emerge victorious at UFC 284.


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