“What does he know about what’s going on for the promotion of the fight? He doesn’t know anything.” Dana White responds to Islam Makhachev’s criticism of UFC 284 promotion

Dana White responded to a comment by Islam Makhachev, who expressed disappointment in the promotion leading up to UFC 284.

One of the most significant fights in recent mixed martial arts history is scheduled to take place at UFC 284. In the octagon, the reigning champions at their respective weight classes, Alexander Volkanovski of the featherweight division and Islam Makhachev of the lightweight division, will face off.

However, one of the competitors, Islam Makhachev, has voiced his displeasure with the manner in which the organization has promoted his mega battle. According to the Russian fighter, the UFC should have done a greater amount of marketing and publicity for this super fight across the globe.

It wasn’t just the Dagestani fighter who was concerned about the lack of promotion for the next big fight; many UFC fans, including journalists, voiced their thoughts about it as well. Some of them speculated that Dana was more focused on promoting his new combat sports venture Power Slap League than anything else in the last couple of months. A super fight like that, which has the potential to be one of the top five fights of all time in the history of the UFC, did not receive sufficient attention from the authority.

The UFC president addressed Islam’s claim during a recent appearance on The Jim Rome Show. UFC president Dana White categorically refuted what Makhachev said about the lack of advertising for UFC 284’s main event.

According to Dana the Russian fighter knows nothing specific about the fight’s promotion, living in Dagestan, no one could possibly know for certain how the promotion is being done.

”First of all, he lives in Dagestan. What does he know about what’s going on for the promotion of the fight? He doesn’t know anything. ” said Dana.

Dana elaborated by saying that the super-fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski has already become one of the top five biggest fights of all time, with all tickets having been sold out. 


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