Dana White forgets Islam Makhachev’s name in press conference as Lightweight champion accuses UFC boss of neglecting his bout vs Alexander Volkanovski

In the midst of a press conference for the forthcoming super fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski, Dana White made a gaffe when he forgot Islam’s name. 

On February 12 at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia, a bout between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski is scheduled to take place inside the octagon. Makhachev, who is the current champion at lightweight, will defend his title against the featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. 

A great number of UFC enthusiasts, notably Islam Makhachev, have previously raised criticisms against Dana White for his lack of focus on the promotion and publicity of this grand bout, which will serve as the main event for UFC 284.

On the other hand, Dana has refuted the claims, and the fact that he appears to have forgotten the name of Islam just makes matters more upsetting. Fans criticized the UFC President on Twitter, asking how he could have forgotten one of the fighters from the most significant UFC bout in recent history.

‘You know, when you talk about legacy, if Volkanovski could pull this off, it’s obviously massive, and if uh …if uh …[forgets Makhachev’s name] yeah, could pull it off, he is on his way to building an incredible legacy.’ Dana during the press conference. 

The current UFC lightweight champion, Islam Makhachev, had his first title bout in last October against Charles Oliveira. Islam’s overwhelming victory even forced his opponent to give him accolades. As for Islam, he is coming into this fight fresh off of winning 11 consecutive fights.

On the other hand, Volkanovski is a dynamic performer who has competed in the welterweight, lightweight, and featherweight divisions in his career. After winning twelve in a row, the Australian will step into the octagon to challenge the current lightweight champion. 


Who do you believe will win on February 11 at the RAC Arena, Makhachev or Volkanovski?


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