“Do me a favor, stop telling us what you find interesting” Stephen A. Smith, Jay Williams get into explosive argument over Kyrie Irving

We are all familiar with Stephen A. Smith’s strong reaction and straight, harsh opinion over many trendy agendas. In the last episode of ESPN’s First Take on Monday, another vivid illustration of the analyst’s fiery comment was provided.

Stephen A. co-hosted the show First Take on ESPN, and they discussed the latest trending topics with their guests. The last episode featured former NBA professional and analyst Jay Williams, with whom the co-host has a history.

Monday’s argument was based on the popular topic of Kyrie Irving‘s trade to the Dallas Mavericks. And the veteran journalist didn’t hold himself back from taking it full on with the guest.

What did Stephen A. Smith say to Jay Williams?

In one point of the show, Smith got hyped up over Williams’ comment on Kyrie’s potential for the Mavericks. Smith didn’t appreciate the ambiguity from the former NCAA champion.

“Jay, you know what — what I would ask you is, do me a favor: stop telling me us what you ‘find interesting’ and just tell us what you feel,” the 55-year-old grew impatient. “You say ‘I find it interesting.’ You always say that… say what you sayin’.”

The ‘interesting’ part to Jay was Kyrie’s previous track record and history of controversy, but Stephen vigorously confronted him to express his thoughts.

At that full-blast attack from the veteran analyst, Jay was bewildered and annoyed. However, the host tried to keep the duo in check by not getting personally involved in the debate.

Jay Williams came into the media after his premature retirement from basketball before the age of 25. Since then, he has worked in the front offices of various industries. Now he is working as an NBA analyst for ESPN.

Stephen, on the other hand, began his media career in 2005 with ESPN. He has since gained notoriety and fame for his bizarre take on various subjects and people.


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  1. The thing about Stephen A Smith is he thinks he’s better than he actually is. And why do they call him Stephen A Smith, does everybody else say the middle initial of their middle name when somebody says their name…no I think he has to have a staple and that’s what it is because he is certainly no Stuart Scott! Why hasn’t anybody mentioned that!

  2. Really. Smith’s comments are either not relevant or something he says to create controversy or havoc/debate. Get him off the air. I see him and I turn the channel or mute the TV.


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