‘You unprofessional swine’ Jake Paul takes jab at Tommy Fury for missing press-conference in Saudi Arabia claiming ‘my back hurts from carrying the promotion’

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will fight in less than three weeks, and Jake hasn’t stopped making derogatory remarks about his opponent 

As a continuation of their long-running online rivalry, Tommy and Jake have both been dropping hints that they may finish each other off in the ring. They have been engaging in constant trash talking with one another and have made numerous threats of defeat before they finally face each other.

This time The Problem Child’s British opponent did not show up to a press conference in Saudi Arabia where both of them were supposed to be present, Jake fired another salvo of criticism at Fury. This past Wednesday, Fury canceled his appearance at the promotional event, citing the need to prepare for his upcoming fight. Jake continued the event on his own, which prompted Paul to go furious with Tommy.

“Make sure you witness the truth on February 26. My back just hurts so much from carrying the promotion.Where you at Tommy? We’re out here hustling, selling the fight, you unprofessional swine! ” said Jake Paul. 

Earlier, they came face to face on another occasion for a showdown on January 26 in London, during a boxing bout between Artur Beterbiev and Anthony Yarde. As was to be expected, they ended up exchanging heated words with one another to the point where the security personnel were required to separate them.

Boxing fans all over the world are expecting that it is about time Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally got in the ring together; they’ve had two previous chances to fight inside the ring. As a result of Tommy’s rib injury, the 2021 bout between the British boxer and Jake Paul was moved to Tyron Woodley. Tommy was not able to compete for a second time in 2022 as a result of travel issues.


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